Harry Reid, 82, Dead

Can’t say I will miss this traitor. He was as bad as they come when it pertains to the lefts representatives over the years. One in which history will not be kind too that is if he died thinking he was leaving a legacy to remember. Good riddance because hell awaits this scumbag!

1 down 50,000,000 to go .

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I won’t celibrate his death, but I won’t lose any sleep over it either.


This guy was sending the country on a train wreck a few years back! Remember that black eye he got where he blamed it on exercise bands? Well Harry got his ass kicked when he decided he could take on an old rivalry at Boxing. Harry was a former boxer and he tried punking off an old acquaintance who got challenged. His old friend knock him on his ass. He was never the same after that either. Typical Hubris and arrogance of Harry Reid.

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I won’t celebrate his death either.Another one of the great Senate obstructionists. Maybe Sleazy S will be next.

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Nows now people- he should becelebrated- if it weren’t for Harry, we wouldn’t have Kavanaugh, Gorsuch or Barrett.

I disliked Harry Reid intensely when he reigned as Majority Leader; and I was very happy to see him retire, several years ago.

However, I cannot say that I am happy to see anyone die–even Harry Reid.


Democrats lost over a thousand seats his last 8 years

Too bad it wasn’t more.