Harry Miller v. The Crown Court

Finally common sense has dawned of the British court system making a dent in the ridiculous war against freedom of speech. The high court upheld the right of an average person to make a fair comment about trans- gendered people. The British police went overboard in a silly attempt to smear an average persons right to joke about trans-gendered people. Now I understand why there is so much knife crime in the UK, the plod are to busy monitoring your thoughts!


This has nothing to do with ‘free speech’, it’s more to do with the plod opportunistically latching onto a chimera to go chasing after rather than getting out of their cars and knuckling down to some real police work. Oh, and ticking boxes comes into it too?

It is very obvious that you did not read the text of the court´s decision.It is free on line to read.

But the UK doesn’t have an equivalent of the First Amendment and speech is not protected, therefore it can be criminalized. I don’t agree with it but until a law is on the books that protect speech nothing will stop law enforcement from jailing citizens for thought crimes.

Can you not just give me a salient pointer, to save me reading the entire court transcript? :roll_eyes: Or just plainly tell me what it is I’ve got wrong? That’s what discussion forums are all about?

The UK in former years was the hall mark of freedom of speech. While Karl Marx lived in London, parliament members where inundated with request for his arrest because of his political and economic ideas. One parliament member stated (paraphrase) “As long as Mr. Marx just talks and does nothing else, there is very little I can do” .
Please read the decision.

Thorpe, I agree with you to an extent, but freedom of political speech in the UK has a long history.

I don’t believe anything from official sources these days, government and judiciary included, so there’s no point in reading it. I have no confidence in their wisdom, and needless to say, without wisdom they can’t make virtuous conclusions/decisions. When it comes down to societal issues I observe, analyze, then make up my own mind where I stand on them.

As in you can say what you like but don’t expect anyone to take any notice of you. Some ‘freedom’?