Harry and Meghan bow out at final working royals engagement

“The couple have been carrying out a series of public appearances in the UK before buggering off and living in Canada oops, I mean stepping back as working royals.” (‘stepping back’ :roll_eyes: )

'Bye y’all . . . missing ya already. Actually I wish them well, and I’m no monarchist either.

How many people in the UK know that Charles is not Harry’s biological father (or suspect it to be the case)?

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One has to ask, if Harry had not married Meghan, would he have walked away from his family?

I didn’t know - to me the royals are simply one dysfunctional family of many other dysfunctional families in this country and I have zero interest in all of them. :sleepy: (aren’t these smilies pathetic lol)

Do you mean this?

I guess they are parasites all right.

Soz Didge, but I don’t watch videos unless there’s some context with them.

More context than you expect.
The royals are parasites who contribute nothing to the people.

Well we all know that! 'Twas ever thus?? And yet there are people who are so poor they don’t have two pennies to rub together who worship them. The stupidity of humankind never ceases to amaze me.

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I think it’s common knowledge

Interesting article that weighs up the financial costs and gains of the Royal Family.


It’s all bread-and-circuses for the unthinking cattle. Who but a moron would care about people they’ve never met, never will meet, and who couldn’t give a fuck about them?

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What does he see in her I willl never know!

Who are we to judge someones choice of partner?

I have no idea what her true character and personality is. I can only speculate based on what I have observed and seen of her public actions but that does not mean I know her.

We could say the same about politicians, actors, singers, people who inspire us.

Its just the human condition.

Well it isn’t my human condition, nor as I said, anyone else’s who has more than half a dozen brain cells. Someone has to prove their worth to me, and if they don’t come up to snuff I dismiss them from my life.

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