Happy Mother’s Day!

image To all the wonderful Mothers in the world out there! Thinking of you on this day! May this day be as wonderful as you!

Thank you DM!

I am going to my son and girlfriend’s place for brunch. They just moved in together (I see marriage on the horizon, lol) and this will be their first time entertaining as a couple.

I will be meeting her parents for the first time and her grandmother. I am contributing mimosas. I have an extra stash of champagne just in case :crazy_face:

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Happy Mother’s Day - most important job in the world!


Happy Mothers Day - as a society we need to place a priority on procreation, especially of whites. Here is the Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter [Cross of Honor of the German Mother] medal which was instituted by the NS Party in 1938. There were 3 classes of medal: gold, for 8 or more children, silver, for 6 to 7 children, and bronze for 4 to 5 children. It would be great if we could encourage White women to have more White babies today with a medal and financial incentives. We need to start handling out these medals again.

That is disgustingly racist.

Why? Instead of encouraging white women to shout their abortions I think this is a more wholesome and family-friendly approach to family planning.

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WTF! You have politicized mothers day too? Go kiss and hug your mom today. Go spend some quality time with her, and don’t post such nonsense here.

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I 100% agree with you way some women kill their own children and than run around trying to act like normal members of society when in fact they are careless murderers and their victims are their own children which makes them the lowest of the low true scumbags but their is no need to make a racial element out of it also Hungary are looking to roll out a similar policy that will hopefully encourage people to have bigger family’s