HAPPENING: Shooting at Christmas Market in Strasbourg France - Multiple Casualties


Could it be a false flag so as to ban any further demonstrations?

Or is this just another demonstration of tolerance provided by the religion of peace?

At least one person was killed and six others injured in a shooting at a Christmas market in central Strasbourg on Tuesday, police said.
Regional authorities said an incident was “under way” in the city.

The interior ministry called on the public to remain indoors amid a “serious security event” in the city centre while local authorities in the Grand-Est and Bas-Rhin region tweeted for the public to “avoid the area of the police station”, located close to the city’s Christmas market.

“There were gun shots and people running everywhere,” one local shopkeeper told BFM TV. “It lasted about 10 minutes.”


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No need to look for conspiracies, nuts abound. From what I’m reading they suspect has been identified so it’s just a matter of time till they find him and we get the whole story.


Here is what’s known so far:

  • At least 4 dead
  • 11 injured
  • 7 critically injured
  • Shooter on the run
  • Shooter known to the police for “criminal activities”
  • Shooter is on a terrorist watch list “Fiche S”
  • Being treated as a terrorist case
  • Police was supposed to question the suspect this morning, found Grenades at his home
  • Suspect belived to be 29 years old and might be called “Cherif C”
  • Police operation just south of Strasbourg city center was unsuccessful. The suspected terrorist managed to escape after an exchange of gunfire. Manhunt continues

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It’s the Christmas season. The time of year when Muslims want to spread tolerance and enrich all of us with their culture of peace.


Muslim terrorists: the gift from your government that keeps on giving in exchange for your tax dollars.

Just wait till they start targeting malls on Black Friday and Christmas even with tankers loaded withe fuel oil bombs and Planes carrying the same.

Talk about a “great awakening”.

Sadly as long as they keep the attacks small and use guns they gain sympathy in the US rather than enmity.

911 should have been a “great awakening”. How long did the solidarity last?

About 2 years. As soon as democrats started seeing a little weakening they started doing everything they could to undermine the war effort and have continued since.

As bad as 9-11 was on the scale of sneak attacks it really wasn’t very bad.

I hate to even post this publicly but consider this.

How much higher would the toll have been had they conducted follow up attacks with smaller CAA aircraft loaded with fuel/oil bombs targeting places like the bridges and tunnels that were snarled and locked down and times square?

Not only would the casualties at least have tripled the infrastructure damage would have been immense.

How about if they’d conducted similar attacks to those on the twin towers on the biggest skyscrapers in a dozen more cities?

As bad as 9-11 was it really only directly affected a very small number of people in NY, NJ, and Connecticut the latter two of which are bedroom communities/states for people working in NYC.

If I had planned that attack my goal would have been at least 100k casualties and two dozen iconic skyscrapers along with 3 times that number of secondary infrastructure targets.

It would take something on that scale to really raise the ire of the country to a level needed for us to manage the political will to really prosecute the WOT to it’s necessary end.

Half assing it the way we have has done nothing but create the longest war in US history with no real end in sight.

Remember my solution to the Somali Pirates?

Track them back to their bases of operation and flatten them and everyone providing support to them.

How well did that go over with the “moderates” and lefties at that other place?

You will never win a war simply with pinpricks in response to bad acts, you have to destroy the enemy’s will and or ability to continue on the fight.

Hell, look at how the world reacts every time Israel sends a few shells or missiles targeting the rocket and mortar launch sites in Gaza or blows up their tunnels under the border. Even in our own country many see those completely justified counter attacks as war crimes.

What a bizarre statement. On one side you seem to be saying that the terrorists should carry out larger attacks, which means more people would die. Then you seem to take a swipe at gun owners and the 2nd Amendment with your sympathy comment.

I’m stating facts.

You still can’t get most lefties to even admit that the Orlando Nightclub shooting was a terrorist attack but they use it like a weapon to argue for more gun control.

Same with the terrorist couple in California a couple of years back. The emphasis was all about gun control rather than immigration control.

I think it was less. I know I was still not reconciled with the attack before I recall being absolutely gobsmacked that people were supporting mosques and immigrants from terrorist rich countries.

The US brings in think tanks for scenarios just like this. Brad Thor is a part of this group and has written about it. Quite fascinating.

My solution would have been the same. The “moderates” live in a world of comfort under the protection of the government “umbrella”. Their connection to reality as it could be given how absolutely fragile our systems are is breathtaking.

One of the BEST books I have ever read is “One Second After” by John Matherson. An EMP strike wipes out everything electronic. From a first person perspective, he describes the transitions and hard choices made in order to survive.

Survival is “easy” when you believe the government has your back and will “provide” for you.

Yet, what will the “moderates” do should that safety net be removed?

Tanks and even AA batteries would have done no good, they could only be moved in after the gridlock had been broken.

Manhattan, it’s bridges and tunnels was a naket target for about 24-48 hours other than a few F-15’s patroling which could have easily been defeated by a handful of terrorists with manpads.

We never did find all those manapds that went missing in Libya either did we?

We’ve lost a hell of a lot of stingers since 9-11 as well that were issued to “local forces” in places like Syria’s FSA which then folded and the weapons were captured.

I hate to say it but we’re really far more vulnerable today than we were then particularly since we’ve really done nothing to harden the major cities, secure the borders, or give any serious consideration to civilian boats and planes.

Someone that knew what they were doing and was smart enough to go low tech in their approach could bring this country to its knees with as little as a force of 500 well placed and trained insurgents/terrorists.

Read back to what I said WR. Do you think I disagree or agree with you or lie somewhere in a grey area?

I have no disagreement with you that I can see.

In the event of an EMP attack our cities would turn into warzones overnight and the warloards would be the gangs and the police since they are the only people who are armed in most of them.

They would seize control of the resources as quickly as possible.

In the end, you’d have people eating their pets in a week to ten days and each other in a month. In the MW and NE they’d be killing each other over brooms and wooden chairs to burn for firewood overnight if it happened in the winter.

People will revert to “jungle law” and feudalism overnight when resources are strained.

Even as well as FEMA performs they can barely provide relief for a major hurricane. They couldn’t provide even 10% of what would be needed if we fried the entire electrical grid due to an EMP or major solar eruption.

The survivors would be the barbarians willing to work together and do whatever is necessary for survival.

Fortunately 90% of the guns are in the hands of the good guys.

Of course you have no disagreement with me WR. How could you when I am always right :rofl: (okay, disclaimer there, I am rarely right but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile).:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your assessment is dead on.

Point being whatever “liberal flavor of the day” is? It is a luxury. It PALES in comparison to day to day struggles in real life.

These are “snowflakes” who have not taken any hard knocks in life yet think they have all of the answers.

No doubt another “mentally ill lone wolf”. Absolutely nothing to do with Islam, etc, etc.

The bottom 50% in the US economically make more than 10x what the average person in 3/4 of the world does and lives like kings and queens in comparison.

Much of Africa still struggles just for clean water and lacks electricity outside of the major cities. Even where they have it, it’s less reliable than our grid was in the 1940’s.

I the RSA they are forced, even in the major cities to live with rolling blackouts daily of 2-4 hours to keep from melting down the grid. This isn’t due to a lack of generating capacity but due to the fact the gov’t is exporting most of the power to other nations at a loss which without the blackouts would fry the grid.

I’m no racist, I don’t care what color anyone is but the current leftist leadership in Much of Africa are absolute idiots and overt racists out to punish whites for simply being white while taxing them into poverty as a form of reparations.

what a bizarre statement is an understatement, at least you had some words, I was actually speechless when I read that guys post.

He believed 9-11 only affected New Yorkers and connecticut folks? wow.

I’m not sure how old that guy is but he really doesn’t seem to comprehend the magnitude of the attack.

They attacked the hub of the American Financial District which closed trading all over America after it happened, something that has never happened in America’s brief history.

The hijackers wanted to attack the White House and the Pentagon, attacking other cities skyscrapers would have been overkill , the message was sent but those bastards accomplished one thing, they woke up a sleeping bear .

The hijackers were from various countries, comparing them to Somalian pirates?
Just a question for TWR, where do you think Somalian pirates come from ? definitely not from Disneyland in Florida.

The Israeli-Palestine conflict is not even in the same league, so how the world responds to it is irrelevant .

Attacks like the one in Strasbourg France will continue as long as people like Macron and the weak bureaucrats at the EU and UN exists.

Since 2003, three years in from the turn of the 21st century there have been 30 attacks ,out of the 30 attacks , 22 muslims or Islam supporters, can someone from the left explain this phenomenon to me?

What it is, is an accurate statement. As long as the attacks are done on small scales and not totaling hundreds per year the left just keeps excusing them.

As long as they use guns, it is the guns that get the blame and encourage people to get behind the gun control movement.

In both cases they are enabling the agenda of the left.

It is the left that promotes gun control and flooding the country with people from primarily or exclusively Muslim nations.

Try reading what I actually wrote and think then perhaps you can comprehend it.

Let me help you a little… . “DIRECTELY affected”.

The friends and family of those killed lived primarily in NY, CT, and NJ. Those ae the people who were “directly affected”.

Most of the rest of the country got over it within a year or two at most which was made plain by how quickly support for the war in Afghanistan faded particularly with the left.