Hans Herman Hoppe: General - Helicopters Edition

Let’s celebrate Hans-Hermann Hoppe, private property rights and physical removal!

Who is Hans-Hermann Hoppe?
Hoppe is an anarcho-capitalist philosopher and Austrian School economist. He is known for having “discovered” the a priori link between democracy and de-civilization, arguing that the transition from monarchy to democracy after WWI was in fact an enormous mistake. He is also the “Physical Removal Man” and argues that anarcho-capitalism (the logical end of libertarianism) would invariably decrease the degeneracy and “abnormal behavior” in society.

Austrian School, eh? So he’s one of the (((chosen)))?
Nope. His writings have drawn from St. Thomas Aquinas, the Scholastics, and he himself praises Christianity for the role it had in establishing somewhat successful universal ethics under monarchy and throughout Western Civilization in general.

Is he the “libertarian fascist” I keep reading about?
Hoppe is not a fascist. Fascism implies statism and statism implies economic/cultural control. Hoppe simply argues that a stateless society would end up culturally conservative because families and traditional ways of life are as a matter of fact better suited for human advancement, the protection of private property, and for lowering time preferences and crime rates.

How does he reconcile anarcho-capitalism with cultural conservatism?
Anarcho-capitalism implies there won’t be a state to subsidize degenerates. This implies that degenerates will either have to pay the full price of their degeneracy or try to socialize it by imposing the costs on society. However, this society operates under a profit-and-loss structure, and the more degenerates there are, the harder it is for healthy social behavior to prosper and for economic activity to exist peacefully. Hence, degenerates (alcoholics, drug addicts, single parents, beggars, vagrants, criminals, etc.) would be literally forced to choose: “either change your ways or be thrown off the property whose value you are diminishing.”

And what to do about the rich homosexual, or the celebrity alcoholic, or the left-wing real estate developer?
Under anarcho-capitalism, all property is private. This implies that several property owners could form alliances and merge properties (“covenants”), in which the path to admission would be as loose or as restricted as they saw fit. There would be exclusively-white covenants, exclusively-black covenants, exclusively-Hindu covenants, you get the whole picture. There are 7 billion people on Earth; the chances you wouldn’t find a relatively large group of similar-minded people with which to live peacefully is almost zero.

When do we get to physically remove democrats and communists?
When they try to forcefully impose their ways of life onto you or your tenants. Other than that, the physical removal of everyday street criminals from civilized society and onto “open frontiers” would be almost-daily events, until criminality itself dwindled.



The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (1993; 2006 edition)


A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline (2015)


Democracy—The God That Failed (2001)

A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism (1988; 2010 edition)


From Aristocracy, to Monarchy, to Democracy (2014)


The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production (2003)


The Private Production of Defense (1998; 2006 edition)


Economic Science and the Austrian Method (1995)


What Must Be Done (2009)



Instead of taking the final black pill and giving up, everyone should take the Hoppe pill instead. Although, a fair amount of blackpills are probably required first so that we can accelerate towards a stateless society. Hoppe-styled communities is what the survival of the West will come down to: People successfully asserting the right to freely associate (and dis-associate).


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Hoppe is such a fucking joke, a fifth-rate philosopher.

Nothing says “stateless” like insurance companies that exercise law enforcement powers!

“Corporate tyranny” is actually far preferable to government tyranny, for a very obvious reason: there are lots of corporations, and only one government. Power wielded by a single entity differs not only in degree, but in kind.

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Sounds like fear is talking! What are you afraid of? Yourself?

Great in theory, but in reality those corporations collude with the government and with themselves. Either way if you’re not a billionaire you’re screwed regardless.

Nah. Just pointing out there setup isbn’t anarchist.

You are mistaken. Those companies would BE the government in this scenario.