Hannity vs. DeBlasio

Watching these two try to debate one on one is like watching two magpies trying to squawk over each other.

One can’t let the other finish a sentence!

After 45 minutes of this so-called debate, I haven’t discerned a single logical answer by DeBlasio to any question asked by Hannity. He answers a question with a question.

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Where is the link? Would like to watch what it is that you are referring to!

DeBlasio went on Hannity. I turned it off after about 3 minutes. For starters, I can’t stand Hannity. The guy is literally a shill and he never takes a breath. DeBlasio is DeBlasio. No explanation needed.

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I too never watch Hannity, but DeBlowhard on a conservative or so called Conservative news channel would be something to watch anyway!

It was on FoxNews Hannity show that runs from 9 to 10 EST M-F.

It’s really not worth your time. Here’s a taste. Twitter is awash with the highlights.


Thanks for putting that up here! You are right, its not worth the time!

The only interesting discussions I see on Fox News come on Sundays at 10PM EST when Life, Liberty and Levin new episodes air.

Mark Levin asks his guests a question and then sits back and lets them talk. I don’t recall ever noticing him interrupting a guest. With Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham…interruption and talking over each other is the name of the game.

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What an arrogant JERK Mayor Deblasio was tonight on Hannity! He would not give a straight answer to ANY questions, he obfuscated, answered with questions, even out right lied. Typical liberal, illogical answers that defy reason! He actually handcuffed Hannity with his BS dribble!!

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I don’t like that combative style because it is frustrating and after too long makes me feel a little crazy!

Yuck. Hannity a terrible interviewer. He should be asking questions not talking about himself, his family, his views which we hear every night! Pointed intelligent questions they would reveal who Deblasio is what his policies would be! I walked away with nothing except Hannity blew it!

I made it to about 15 minutes. I never thought someone would make me gag more than DeBlasio. Sean Hannity is the worst.

On numerous occasions, most often when Laura Ingraham has a conservative and a liberal in a three way “discussion”, I switch to another channel when they start talking over each other. When THREE people are jabbering at the same time, you can’t understand what any one of them is saying.

I have written Fox News twice already suggesting they use microphone switches to silence all but one guest when they have bickering fools trying to hold the floor over each other. Give each guest a little red light to let him/her know that their mic is dead and they are not getting out.

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I visited the Fox studios on a tour in NYC in 2014 when I was visiting my son who was working in NYC at the time. I told one of the producers nearly the exact same thing. He just laughed and told me that it would be boring without the sparring! My response, GOOD!


Their focus groups must be compromised of schizophrenic deaf people. No one enjoys the screaming.

Still hasn’t done what he promised about waterboarding for a wounded veterans’ charity, has he? Coward.

I got busy and only caught a little of it. I sincerely hope New Yorkers are proud of that POS.

Nobody ever put up the money.

If you want that kind of dry debate try PBS.