Gutfeld on Trump’s upcoming rally

Gutfeld on Trump’s upcoming rally

I love Gutfeld, especially his weekend show.

OMG. The buffoon Juan Williams actually bit on Greg’s sarcastic first question. LOL!!!

For all of this, remember: the number of people who can vote and will vote for big government will one day outnumber those of us who vote for freedom from big government. As wonderful as it is to see so many attend Trump’s rally, remember that there is still a battle to be fought.

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We all know this … we need to know how to take it back.

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I like it when Jesse threatened to fire Juan if he keeps disrespecting the audience. I honestly don’t know how the panel puts up with Juan, I hope they get hazard pay for having to put up with this moron everyday.


Juan Williams is the token liberal pinhead on the show. It just takes four sensible people to balance out his stupidity.

I do think the fact that Democrats are desperate to let illegals in and vote is saying we’re winning the information battle. JMO of course.


Sadly, thats true. As long as colleges keep churning out little communists who hate America, more and more minds-full-of-mush will embrace socialism and vote Democrat. And as long as colleges keep churning out sick degenerates who embrace homosexuality and transgenderism, they will also vote Democrat. There has to be some sort of revival in the heart of America to thwart this evil trend.

Of course. Democrats don’t care abou tillegals, they just want their votes. That’s why they want them to have drivers licenses.

He is a half-wit for sure. I like when they have more intelligent liberals on, like Douglas Schoen.