Gun man assassinated old couple visiting their son's grave, possibly racially-motivated by the Arbery case

So everyone is getting butt-mad about the “racial injustice” on the AHMAUD ARBERY as a racially-motivated case. What about this one: a young black gun man sniped an old couple while they visited their son’s grave.

Where is the outrage?

A GUNMAN who shot dead a husband and wife at a veterans’ cemetery was found dead from a gunshot wound in a nearby woodland just hours later.

Sheldon C. Francis, 29, had been identified by police as the suspect in the killing of an 86-year-old man and his wife, 85, in Delaware on Friday morning.
The couple have not yet been named, and it is not clear whether they were known to Francis.

Officials officials have said they were from Elkton, Maryland, and that they were shot at Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Bear.

The woman was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, while her husband died after being taken to hospital.

State police spokeswoman Senior Corporal Heather Pepper said that officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect at around 12.08pm before he escaped into a nearby wooded area.

An emergency alert system was used to warn local residents of the situation and to instruct them to shelter in place.

A number of evacuations were also carried out.

Francis was later found dead from a gunshot wound in the wooded area.

It was not immediately clear whether the wound was self-inflicted or had been sustained in the earlier shoutout with police.

No officers were harmed in the incident.

A spokesperson said today: “Francis was located deceased at approximately 4:00 p.m., on the date of the incident, in a wooded area located just off of Brennan Blvd., in the development of Brennan Estates, which is adjacent to the grounds of the cemetery.”

Delaware governor John Carney said: "To think of a situation like that on that facility is just heartbreaking.

“The final resting place of the men and women who served our country.”

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Blacks killing whites is so common they don’t bother to give it any press time . This doesn’t fit the liberal agenda and the major push for "diversity "

Possibly racially motivated? He went out to specifically hunt white people. There is no “possibility” about it. Too bad the media doesn’t seem very interested in covering this actual hate crime and I haven’t seen any news reports of the DOJ categorizing this as a hate crime.


That is because dead men don’t tell tales! This could also have been a black ops operation to stoke a racial war and civil unrest where martial law would have to be declared.

Crazy people do crazy things every single day. Why don’t you guys take a step back for a minute and look at the root cause of the issue. It’s not about the crazy person because we’ll never be able to get rid of those. It’s about the crazy person being able to access guns… and that is something that we can get rid of.

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Ah, I’m glad you see the light. The Arbery case was also caused by crazy, and we should leave it at that. I’m glad we agree on something.

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Right, because nobody killed anyone before guns. :rofl:

Well he’s dead so there’s not much to talk about with no further investigation or upcoming trial.

Further, the press is loathe to report on minority on white crime to start with much less to speculate abut the possibility it was a hate crime.

You don’t need a gun to commit murder. If they’ve been found to be crazy thy should be adjudicated as such and have their gun rights revoked.

That however won’t keep them from commuting murder, even mass murder by other means or with an illegally obtained firearm.

If they’re crazy enough to remove rights, why the HELL would we allow them to wander free in society? You think a piece of paper telling them they can’t own a gun is going to stop them?

But the “Gun-free zone” signs have been working so well! I guess this cemetery didn’t have a glossy one.

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