Guatemala ask Trump to house 700,000 Guatemalan People

Thank goodness Mr. Trump will be president for the next two months!

I grew up in a urban area destroyed by these ppl they come they take, the refuse our culture they demand our resources and call us racist… poor Americans just die off


Yeah - Guatemalans can all go back to their shithole.

Also - fix your busted link.


Why don’t they ask Biden?
He is supposedly the President elect.

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Can you imagine how expensive? Tents,food clothing, doctor´s, child births,dentist, funerals,furniture,blankets and none would ever go back!

Don’t worry. President Biden will ensure that the right thing is done. Not only will they get to stay…but they will be on the fast track to citizenship.

Yes we all know why you cucks want the country flooded with third world trash…gotta keep those votes for gibs rolling.


Citizenship of China.
What a great idea.

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Honestly, the silver lining of a Biden presidency would be he’ll screw us up so bad, illegals will stay put rather than come here.

It could be worse. Look how Germany allowed millions of members of the religion of peace to flood Europe!

Why is our country responsible for housing the citizens of another country? Send them all home!