Grocery Shopping in Russia, Saint Petersburg| FOOD, PRICES|

What an upside down world we live in when Russia has more on their shelves with reasonable prices than the USA does at the moment! Oh and they as Russia doesn’t owe any debt to any nation now and are Oil independent! Go figure!


Russians love Russia… Democrats hate America import haters of America

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Of course Russians love Russia, life is good there.

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I still remember when Trump had those bastards giving their oil away . Trump $5 a barrel -Slow Joe $86 and going up faster than a State trooper in a car chase !

What impressed me most in a Russian supermarket was the amount of vodka they were selling, shelf after shelf of vodka bottles of different brands.

How can (almost) pure alcohol have different tastes? That’s what I thought. I tried a few different brands and they all tasted different.

Wages are lower in Russia, so life, especially in small cities, is not always easy. Many city folks have weekend dachas outside the city where they grow vegetables or party.

In eastern parts of Russia, especially in Vladivostok, there are many used Japanese cars and trucks, while some still have Japanese writing and logo of their former owners. Since the steering wheels of these vehicles are on the wrong side, it may take some getting used to to drive.

But it has one advantage. On a snowy day, you don’t have to walk around the vehicle in snow to get to the driver seat. You can directly sit down in driver’s seat from the sidewalk.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I only know Russian culture from reading history and various sources that has enlightened me to certain aspects of their culture. Much like fermented Yak milk to the Nepalese or Baijiu is to Northern Chinese villagers, Vodka and it various forms is the same. Very much a part of their culture. One thing that has always fascinated me about Russian culture is their history in particular The Romanovs dynasty. “Peter the Great” to which St. Petersburg is famously named and founded after, was a fascinating character and one of my favorites figures in history to read about. He was an imposing figure that stood 6’7 and had a penchant for drinking himself silly when he was studying as a young man ship building in Europe some years prior to him building the infamous fleet that came to symbolize Russia’s Naval power. He was a very well man, motivated by culture, Arts, and a litany of other things that inspired his vision for Russia’s future. He was an ornery man and aside from how he treated his son which was cruel, was someone that had a lasting impression throughout history that is still revered to this day and celebrated with Vodka toasts.

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