Greyhound to stop allowing Border Patrol on buses for immigration checks

This country is becoming a joke. Now, a shitty bus company is telling the US that they will not be complying with immigration law because they don’t want to deal with the ACLU lawsuits. Greyhound is anti-American trash.

Greyhound, the nation’s largest bus company, said Friday that it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents without a warrant to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks.

The company’s announcement came one week after The Associated Press reported on a leaked Border Patrol memo confirming that agents can’t board private buses without the consent of the bus company. Greyhound had previously insisted that even though it didn’t like the immigration checks, it had no choice under federal law but to allow them.

In an emailed statement, the company said it would notify the Department of Homeland Security that it does not consent to unwarranted searches on its buses or in areas of terminals that are not open to the public — such as company offices or any areas a person needs a ticket to access.

Greyhound said it would provide its drivers and bus station employees updated training regarding the new policy, and that it would place stickers on all its buses clearly stating that it does not consent to the searches.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our customers and team members, and we are confident these changes will lead to an improved experience for all parties involved,” the statement said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which includes the Border Patrol, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Greyhound has faced pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, immigrant rights activists and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop allowing sweeps on buses within 100 miles of an international border or coastline. In many cases, the buses being checked were not crossing or even approaching an international boundary.

Critics say the practice is intimidating and discriminatory and has become more common under President Donald Trump. Border Patrol arrests videotaped by other passengers have sparked criticism, and Greyhound faces a lawsuit in California alleging that it violated consumer protection laws by facilitating raids.

“We are pleased to see Greyhound clearly communicate that it does not consent to racial profiling and harassment on its buses," Andrea Flores, deputy director of policy for the ACLU’s Equality Division, said in an email. “By protecting its customers and employees, Greyhound is sending a message that it prioritizes the communities it serves.”

Ferguson said in an email his office will follow up with Greyhound to ensure compliance.

“Today’s announcement from Greyhound confirms what should have been obvious to the company since I contacted them a year ago – it has both the power and the responsibility to stand up for its customers, who suffered for far too long from Greyhound’s indifference to CBP’s suspicionless bus raids and harassment," he said.

The Border Patrol has insisted that it does not profile passengers based on their appearance, but instead asks all passengers whether they are citizens or in the country legally. The agency says the bus checks are an important way to ferret out human trafficking, narcotics and illegal immigration.

Some other bus companies, including Jefferson Lines, which operates in 14 states, and MTRWestern, which operates in the Pacific Northwest, have already taken similar steps to those announced by Greyhound. Flores said the ACLU would continue to push others to follow suit.

The memo obtained by the AP was dated Jan. 28, addressed to all chief patrol agents and signed by then-Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost just before she retired. It confirms the legal position that Greyhound’s critics have taken: that the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prevents agents from boarding buses and questioning passengers without a warrant or the consent of the company.

“When transportation checks occur on a bus at non-checkpoint locations, the agent must demonstrate that he or she gained access to the bus with the consent of the company’s owner or one of the company’s employees,” the memo states. An agent’s actions while on the bus "would not cause a reasonable person to believe that he or she is unable to terminate the encounter with the agent.”

Greyhound previously argued that case law, including a 1973 Supreme Court ruling, did not extend the Fourth Amendment’s protections to commercial carriers.

I do not think that is going to work. Border Patrol can order them to pull over and be inspected and they have to comply. It’s the law!

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Sanctuary Cities shouldn’t be a thing…but here we are. I hope the Trump administration goes after them hard over this. A company just can’t decide to operate a sanctuary bus line transporting illegals all over the US.

Time to arrest the drivers and fine the company . Who the fuck is Greyhound a federal judge ?


I hope border patrol agents point and laugh at their stupid stickers when they block these buses on the road and force their way on. In fact, I’d pay good money to see that. I also want the Trump administration to press charges against the leadership of this company that made this stupid decision.

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Exactly !! Stop ALL FEDERAL FUNDS in States that harbor illegals and charge companies that fail to comply .

There are a series of laws with which Greyhound must comply when it comes to immigration checks on buses. They include the statutory provision saying that any immigration officer has the power to board buses and search for undocumented riders without a warrant “within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States” to prevent unlawful entry - the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. So arrest any driver who interferes .
8 U.S. Code § 1357. Powers of immigration officers and employees



We have buses arriving from Texas, Arizona daily in Denver. Most riding the buses do not speak english. Less than 100 bucks get you here

Visiting the bus terminal where the agents speak fluent spanish is an eye opener.

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Just think, if Mike Bloomberg gets the nomination and rigs the election he will open the borders and make the US a free travel economic zone…because foreign workers are better than American workers according to him.

I doubt very much Border Patrol agents would force their way onto a bus. The optics of that would be terrible.

More likely that this ends up in court.

They can’t just blow past the border if ordered to stop. Also they don’t have to board the bus, they can however order everyone off the bus to verify their documents. As far as this ending up in court this doesn’t stand a chance in terms of superseding national security.


Nice catch. I was wondering what the solution to this would be and that’s probably the simplest one…we won’t board but this bus won’t move until we screen every passenger.

I will say this though, Greyhounds legal argument is predicated on domestic travel only where a warrant would be required just like any other vehicle traveling the continental US of A, and even that would be subjective to state laws or DHS guidelines for search’s. Greyhounds position is a losing argument when crossing any international border. This is just a dumb PR move on their part that is acquiescing to the pressures being put on them by another dumb ORG the ACLU.

Ah okay, so this is Greyhound buses crossing the border. Then of course border patrol have every right to stop the bus and order everyone off it.

I was stupidly thinking we were talking about Greyhound buses just traveling around the US

So is Greyhound a smuggling outfit now? What else are they smuggling?

They certainly changed hands into internationalist hands in the 2000’s.

That would be a good meme for ‘disappearing’ terrorists who are caught planning an atrocity?

They have no choice really. They operate under ICC reg’s and are federally licensed carriers.

Yep, buses are a primary mode of transport for illegals since few of them have cars when they first get to the US.

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I think it’s time for Greyhound to get an exhaustive IRS audit that results in massive fines and prison terms for the executives that made this absolutely retarded decision. Let them feel the effects of virtue signaling. Get woke, go broke.