Greta Thunberg has stopped using toilet paper?

According to leading libtard media like the Guardian, toilet paper is contributing greatly to deforestation and climate change. Yet no one has asked Greta Thunberg on whether she has stopped using it. Or does she want to steal some other kid’s childhood to keep her ass wiped and dry?

This madness comes with a long pedigree:

So, is Greta growing to show us the way in public?

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Ultimately, the powers that be are going to levy a host of “environmental taxes” and burdern the poor even more. But then, isn’t the extinction of the poor the goal of the Extinction Rebellion brigade?

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The “sustainable” “green agenda” requires we reduce the population back to around a billion people.

If you make life uncomfortable and expensive enough while providing free or even forced abortions and birth control the problem solves itself.

The rubes chanting all this climate change BS are not particularly deep thinkers.

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The climate commies are coming for your vidya too

They need the bicycle generator from Gilligan’s Island.

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Greta needs to show her toilet glove

Someone needs to do a “study” on the environmental cost of all that extra washing or slow decaying gloves filling landfills along with the health risks.

I don’t think anyone who uses those gloves is washing anything.

Then it would be a massive landfill issue. Who’d want to use it more than once?

I’ve lived in some pretty rough conditions and not even I would do that.

LOL, I remember some show about cheapskates and in one episode a family used square little towels instead of toilet paper.

If you’re going to do something like that, for heaven’s sake, at least install a bidet. :wink:

When lumber companies cut a stand of trees, they immediately replant saplings. Has she been livin in a cave on Mars?

Ground control to Greta, come in Greta; you’re fading. Sustainability :: Weyerhaeuser

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