Greeks hold Anti-Migrant Pork and Alcohol BBQ

In response to a Greek politician saying Greeks should stop eating pork, so as not to offend Muslims, shitlord Greeks gathered to hold a protest BBQ.

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Hopefully they were as close as possible to wherever the state is paying to house the Muslims that are squatting in Greece collecting welfare.

When are these people gonna realize that the migrants came to the West. We don’t need to adjust they way we live, they need to adjust the way they live.

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Dam! I can smell the goodness! Of course I am reading this and need to break for lunch! But hell yes, that looks good!

An atheist/socialist/commie/globalist/idiot politician from the previous Greek administration said that it would be fascist to eat pork and drink alcohol in front a Muslims cause it would be offensive.
Atheist commie snowflakes are offended by Christianity.
The MSM gives these antichristians the microphone to insult good law abiding people. When you see them talking turn off your TV, your radio, your apps. No more MSM! Just insane rabid animals making noise.

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BINGO ! The tail don’t wag the dog. Concerning the pork thing; I believe Muslims just need to be introduced to the right BBQ sauce.


Orthodox ■■■■ do not eat pork; but they ain’t complaining about people who do.

To be fair, the OP states it was in response to a politician suggesting it.

However, I’m not opposed to reminding the “guests” of their country that they ain’t in Kansas anymore. :wink:

I have eaten camel, lamb, mutton, dog, and God only knows what else, in my Jack Daniels days. Pork is best, and lamb a close second. But I never had dog with BBQ sauce.

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I hope the Greeks feed all the Muslim immigrants nothing but pork and only alcohol beverages to drink.