Greece Elects a Conservative PM

Wow! Who would have thought a country like Greece, the birthplace of Western Democracy and with a known history of being as leftist as they come, would elect a conservative to be the next PM?

This is actually pretty amazing! However we will see if this is just another Neo-Con posing and so cautious optimism is needed when viewing this story from afar!

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The move to the right is flat shattering the foundations of gov’ts all across Europe and all I see is more of it over the next few years.

It will take a genius there to get what they want from China without getting owned by China.

That is for sure, and like I said it remains to be seen what this latest voting result will yield in terms of real reform!

This is good news and indicative of the shift to the right everywhere. Far left liberal policies don’t work and have never worked.

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