Greatest president in the history of America is about to depart

They cheated, the man got no help from the deep state.
We pray he will be back in a few months after courts go through the evidence.
America needs you Trump.
May god have no mercy on Democrats who stole this election. image

Stay safe real leader. If god made a general it would be Donald trump.


There is a nasty cockroach infested nappy headed ghetto welfare queen smiling this morning knowing she and her sisters all cheated.

But you won’t get away with it. You will dragged to the gallows.

God bless America


Hey no disrespect you seem like one of the more reasonable and rational guys here however now is not the time for reminiscing you need to start organising and planning. Have you heard about the patriot party that Trump is planning to start that sounds interesting and exciting that’s what people should be concentrating on positives to move forward with

Over here some of our politicians are showing their true colours by supporting Joe biden’s fraudulenc presidential regime you guys have the patriot party by the looks of things and we have the reform party let’s move forward and make nationalism mainstream

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Honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen the man is in his mid 70’s I’d like to him run again but in four years could be in decline. And Biden is about to put millions on the bread line, to fix what biden is about to do will take a lot of work.

I truly hope as the courts go through the evidence over the next year they just decertify Biden. Give trump 7 years.


Donald Trump has a proven formula for your economy and trade deals even if he just lays the groundwork and other people do the actual work that would still be better than any presidents of the last 30 years

You guys seriously need to get rid of the democrats and the republicans that has to be one of the main focuses

Trump is not running again nor is he forming a new party. But there is something else developing. Stay tuned more details at 11.

11 pm he will be on Air Force one

God bless, and thank you trump for fixing America

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Yep, borrow and spend. It’s always fascinating to me that debt and deficits are just fine with conservatives who profess to be fiscal conservatives. His trade deals have hurt America, and we’ll get this turned around now too.

That’s never going to happen…

Today is the best day in America in 4 years. A real day for celebration… Good riddance Trump et al…

Borrow abs spend on what? Deee da deee lol

Are you a transgender? I’m just wondering what your platform is? You don’t add a lot of substance. You’re openly are ok with massive cheating. You don’t have to tear a country apart because you want to wear a dress

I’m sure when you was growing up people said you was never going to lose your virginity well look at you now you’re no longer a virgin miracles can happen


I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for:

7 million new jobs

Middle-class income up $6,000

Record low unemployment

7 million off food stamps

Historic tax reform

Rebuilt military

Massive deregulation

This is just the beginning of the America FIRST movement!

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