Great News! Mexican Man Kills Himself on Bridge after Being Refused Entry to US

Very believable.

The brown man will kill himself if you don’t let him rape your daughter. There is only one choice.

A Mexican asylum seeker has taken his own life on a bridge across the Rio Grande after being refused entry to the US, in an incident highlighting the often desperate plights of those being turned away by Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration.
The man, who was reportedly in his 30s and has not been identified, had attempted to cross from the Mexican city of Reynosa into Pharr, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon.
But he was turned back on the international bridge and shortly after 5pm cut his own throat.

Cut his own throat? You don’t hear that much. That’s pretty hardcore.

Footage published by the local El Mañana de Reynosa newspaper showed armed Mexican police sealing off the area where the man’s body had fallen as cars and lorries continued to advance over the bridge.
There was no immediate suggestion why the man had decided to take his own life but local authorities said they were investigating.
The incident was not the first of its kind. In 2017, a 45-year-old Mexican migrant named Guadalupe Olivas Valencia jumped to his deathin Tijuana less than an hour after being “repatriated” from the US.
Olivas Valencia had reportedly been working illegally as a gardener in California to support his three children back in Mexico when he was deported.
This week’s suicide again cast a light on the bleak conditions facing the growing number of migrants being turned away from the US’s southern border and the dangers facing them back home, in crime-ridden communities in Central America and Mexico.
In the past year, more than 57,000 asylum seekers have been pushed back into Mexico as part of a Trump administration scheme called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) project, or Remain in Mexico.
Activists claim the initiative is endangering vulnerable asylum seekers by forcing them to wait months for court hearings in some of Mexico’s most dangerous border towns.
Last month the advocacy group Human Rights First accused the White House of exposing asylum seekers to “life-threatening dangers” after documenting 636 cases of kidnapping, rape, torture, assault and other violent attacks against those returned to Mexico.
Among the victims were a nine-year-old disabled girl and her mother, who were kidnapped and raped after being sent back to Tijuana.
The Human Rights First researcher Kennji Kizuka said that with schemes such as Remain in Mexico the Trump administration was moving “to essentially shut down asylum and refugee access to the United States”.
“All these polices are edging us closer and closer to zero refugees or asylum seekers [being] admitted to the US,” Kizuka said. “It all just grows out of the xenophobia of the administration – at base that is what it is.”

Meanwhile, 150,000-200,000 illegals just walked across the border and are now being supported by your tax dollars. Most of them eat better and live better than millions of Americans.

This is either complete horseshit or the attack was arranged to win more sympathy from
the millions of stunned bleeding hearts in the U.S.

Mexican cutting their own throats just shows you how bloodthirsty and savage they truely are.

That story about the girl and her mom probably left out the part that they were kidnapped and raped because they didn’t pay their smugglers.

A lot of the violence the deported get done is because of the people that helped them get here getting beat for their money and in typical minority fashion, they just assume they don’t have to because they didn’t make it.

But muh heartstrings.

Pretty sure this is another reason to NOT let these savages in, to any sane person at least.

The southern border has been porous since the day it was created in 1848.

Great!! Now his family will attempt to sue everyone up to the President for his wrongful death. Probably won’t have a hard time finding a Sympathetic judge and jury.

Wow, this is so sad. It makes me want to let every piece of genetic waste across globe in across our open borders.

I’m sure if any of these rapists make it in from Tijuana our magic dirt will cure them of their urges to rape cripples.

Let’s see the source for those figures.

Since we instituted the program requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their cases come up in the courts the crossings have been cut to a trickle.

Finish the wall and give the border patrol what they need to enforce the border and we can cut it by 95% Or more.

I don’t blame them for wanting to escape but we don’t need the problems they bring with them.

Let Mexico deal with this crap long enough and maybe they’ll finally secure their own border.

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Please show us the “brown man’s” criminal record.

The US side of every bridge should have a whack station. Just stick your head in & push a button. Then a catapult that fires the remains South.

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One less 2nd grade welfare recipient to deal with !!! :fist_left:

A few tax dollars temporarily saved.