Great-grandson of 'Aunt Jemima' is outraged over decision to 'erase' family legacy

Great-grandson of ‘Aunt Jemima’ is outraged over decision to ‘erase’ family legacy

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I clearly remember the older version.It was always a reliable delicious brand of pancakes,especially their Buckwheat variety.It is nothing more than an iconic and successful brand name.
I guess next, will be the successful iconic smoky the bear character who everyone knows to be an anti-forest fire logo.

Isn’t the word “Buckwheat” racist?

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It seems like our Liberals are bound & determined to totally erase everyone’s individual identity. The new Democrat logo should be the lemming.

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Liberals are going beyond mad with their petty bullshit that makes no difference in the way people treat each other . Address black on black murders in the hood that may make a difference , what in the fuck does this bs do ?

It’s not going mad when they are simply Marxist doing and repeating Marxist things! Mao did the same thing as did the Bolsheviks. Erasing every aspect of western democracy. The question is why is it being allowed to happen?

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Yes, and Rochester, too.

…and “LeRoy”

It’s about beating Trump and stupid white guilt for something Arabs do today ,black slavery . DemonRATS and nitwit MONTY have no problem generalizing about ALL whites being prilegded Americans BUT if whites generalize about blacks being violent they are RACIST .
Are their poor whites in America ? Are there whites who struggle to maintain a family unit ? Are there whites today that own slaves ? Fuck all those morons that believe whites need to atone , kiss my white ass !!!

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So where are the Republicans to defend our values? Why are they not speaking up?

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Because they’re a bunch of pusillanimous weasels?

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I think not. They’re just less sleazy than the liberals and keeping the verbal fisticuffs alive grants more exposure to the liberal gibberish.

Liberals are perfectly capable of proving themselves to be fools without any provocation.

Afraid to offend and everyone is out for number 1 .

It’s all BS virtue signaling by those that have no virtue! The brand is based on an actually woman who worked for the company for 20 years and if Quaker Oats had any virtue at all they would retroactively give a percentage of their profits for their Aunt Jemima products to the woman’s family or at the very least to an African American charity or scholarship program. I won’t be buying that brand again, I’ll buy generic or another brand for sure.

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I think that maybe you give them too much credit for smarts and not enough for cowardice

I give no credit for cowardice. Your original generalization appeared errant to me. Not all Republicans exhibit cowardice. Most all exhibit a less sleazy approach to both debate and ethics.

A bell curve applies to both sides. The liberals seem to have more lying turds in suits than do conservatives. Not that all Republicans are conservative and all Democrats are liberal, but each party appears to me to be skewed in those respective directions.

Republicans have courageous members in both houses of Congress. They just have fewer that foam at the mouth like the Democrat dogs do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they had the backbone to tell the truth and say that they were honoring one of their own long-time employees for her contributions to the company? That sounds a like a nice positive story that everyone should be able to get behind.

Indeed and would be valid retribution from a company who profited and exploited the African American experience instead of blaming Americans and expecting us to pay retribution after hammering us down with white guilt.

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