Govrnment knows how to spend your money better than you

The federal budget has swelled from $3.8 trillion in 2013 to $6.7 trillion today.

No efforts are made to cut spending.

No efforts have been made to address Medicare, Medicaid, SS, the ACA and the rising costs of freebies. the rising costs of the flood of people coming t the US. The rising costs of the drugs thy smuggle across the border.
Restoring the enhanced child tax credit.
Making permanent the expanded subsidies for people buying their own health coverage on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces
12 weeks for a national paid medical leave program
$400 billion in childcare subsidies
$300 billion for universal prekindergarten and expanding free community college.
$150 billion over 10 years to improve and expand Medicaid home and community-based services and $100 billion in funding and tax incentives aimed at increasing the affordable housing supply.
$6 billion for continued support to Ukraine.

How do we have so many things that are so necessary today that weren’t before COVID in the federal budget and debt?

The administration claims they will cut the debt by 2 trillion in the next decade and fails to state they will raise it 17 trillion.

Tax and spend continues no matter who controls the country.

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The future is a citizenry of dependents, low iq foreigners reproducing at a rapid rate, no talent, no skill, just welfare. We could stop all this if you boomers give up your comforts and fought back. Instead of sitting on your property that will be worth shit, and your generations remains will be dug up and molested by Haitian pirates.

Choice is yours