Government asks Queen to suspend Parliament

Good news. This is the only way to prevent the remain MP’s who refuse to honour the outcome of the referendum from sabotaging the withdrawal from the EU.

The key word is “withdrawal”, this is not “crashing out”, it is an orderly withdrawal and necessary for the restoration of the nation state.


Ironic how all the people trying to stop a public vote from being enacted, now call the necessary act (because of their meddling) to get it done “outrageous”.

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The remoaner screeching has hit a new level!

These arrogant bastards dont seem to realise they will face a severe drubbing at the ballot box if a GE is called.

Go ahead and set the precedent for future governments to do the same when they want to obstruct parliament.

I’ve been thinking that, and in the cases of Hammond and all the (note this) Westminster females plus the Miller woman, I’d really love to know what their agendas are, because they’re not in the interest of this country - only traitors want unelected foreign politicians to govern their country? Here’s my dream prediction - a general election in which the two main parties are deservedly trounced out of sight for their treachery, the Lib Dems are laughed out of the HoC like the joke they are, and . . . wait for it . . . The Brexit Party romps home to form the next government. It will lead to civil unrest - or I fear something much worse - but trouble is brewing at t’mill anyway. The next few weeks are going to be interesting - very interesting.

My compliments on a shrewdly-observed post Nort. It isn’t Boris who’s a threat to our democracy, it’s the Westminster swamp creatures.