Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide mandatory curfew, eliminating Thanksgiving

BREAKING: California will not have Thanksgiving after state mandates statewide curfew.

If the conservatives that are still left in California roll over and take this shit from this spoiled, entitled, brat of a politician then there is no hope for this country.

This is tyranny. Plain and simple. They are seeing how much they can push the American people around before we fight back.

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Keeping people safe is worth missing out on a meal.

If you don’t live in California don’t worry about what happens here.

The system only functions properly when public servants fear the consequences of their treason. Not from their fellow public servants, but from the people they’re serving.

Oh you live in California? Where at because this was in Huntington Beach last night.

Things are starting to crack here and if you life here, you know that.

You bet everyone knows that the virus is only active after curfew hours.

We need a fence around California to keep people like yourself contained and not contaminate the rest of the country except maybe NYC.


I think you mean…maybe NYC. We don’t want that trash anywhere else in the state.

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Rules for thee, not for me

“His kids can learn in person. But yours can’t,” Faulconer wrote, in reference to Newsom’s kids being enrolled in private schools while most public schools remain closed. “He can celebrate birthday parties. But you can’t. He can dine on a $350 meal at one [of] California’s fanciest restaurants during the worst recession in generations. But you definitely can’t. Can you believe this? I can’t.”

A slight over sight.

I wonder if Gavin Newsom will cancel Hanukkah this year? Probably not.

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This is actually good news! Now maybe the California revolt will start and they will bring back tar and feather to which Newsom is all too deserving of!

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AIDS is a far more serious disease than the china virus yet there is no public shaming for homosexuals who anonymously raw-bone each other up the ass in dimly lit public bathrooms but having Thanksgiving dinner with your fam is now “irresponsible” lol

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What!!! No turkey holocaust day?

The New World Order prescribes destruction / elimination of

national identity and sovereignty

toward open borders and mixing of all races in order to create rootless bumbling robots.

No wonder California is ahead in the game.