Gov. Gavin Newscum Officially Calls for Convention to Change US Constitution

Galvin Newscum is now calling for a convention of states to change the US constitution relating to the 2nd Amendment. The California legislature just recently voted and approved of it.

Lets be clear, this isn’t about gun safety issues or limiting the number of shootings that happens in the state of California on a annual basis, but plain and simple a power grab in an attempt to limit American’s rights as prescribed under the original 2nd Amendment, the right to bare arms.

Whether this is successful or not is one for debate, however it should be noted that anytime a democratic Governor of Newscum’s ill repute goes forward and on record in trying to change our rights as Americans as its outlined under the US constitution then we need to take such threats very, very seriously and start paying attention. This may be the beginning of such attempts to infringing on our rights by going after our guns. Once a government can successfully remove and disarm the citizenry the next logical thing and step to happen is tyranny. Check out what happened to Australia and the UK and what they have become as a result of their removals of guns from their citizens. Germany prior to WWII did the same thing to their citizens via the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime and a total capitulation followed by the citizens into total compliance and control. That is what the democrats want to achieve and they won’t stop until they are forced to.

Also bare in mind that recently the Governor of New Mexico violated the US constitution by imposing a suspension of the carry and conceal laws of that state. Of course the Governor of New Mexico is gaslighting because they have no answers to addressing the skyrocketing crime happening in the larger cities run by no other than Democrats. The point is there is a pattern that is starting to emerge here, and it wouldn’t be surprising that this may start happening in other states such as Michigan and Wisconsin with false flag operations to be conducted in order to justify the entire gun grab narrative by such tyrannical Governors.

More on Gavin Newscum’s power grab here.


What a scumbag Califucknia will never be the same after that turd’s handy work .
Tent cities , shit maps , reparations 3 times their annual budget , illegals , homeless , etc .


I won’t visit California anymore that is for sure. You can’t expect to find your luggage if you do, someone might rob you!


That is putting it mildly! This guy needs a firing squad!


What hss happened to having the BALLS to actually ENFORCE laws !!!
Where does any GOVERNOR or GOVMNT AGENCY have the right to disregard the Constitution ???


We are down to 1 party , GOP checked their balls at the door !


We’ve been down to one party for a long time… the Uniparty. Both ‘sides’ are full of shit. Both sides hate us and America. Both sides are just the other side of the same coin. At this point in my life, I have no idea what I am, politically. I hate every fucking politician with the exception of a couple. I don’t even want to vote in the next election. I really don’t give a fuck who wins or not, regardless of ‘party’. It’s all a joke… and it’s all of us (American citizens) paying for the elite .05% to just continue to fuck us up the ass. Supporting any of these sorry fucks is nothing short of lunacy.

I’ll apologize for the language but, that’s exactly how feel about it.


I get it and imagine how many people that are out there that think and feel the same as you?

Sadly lost in all of this is that they are going after our guns and our rights. Reagan said it; we are only a generation away from losing our freedoms.

This is pretty much who Newscum is!


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I voted for Reagan in my very first election, back when I knew what Republican was/meant. What is ‘Republican’ now? It sure as hell isn’t what I stand for… or think/believe.

I’m not a Trump fan, but I firmly believe in MAGA. I know there are a few on here that hate Trump… I get it. But… who else is going to carry the MAGA banner other than Trump… even thoughn we all know he isn’t really a Republican? Trump IS the MAGA movement. I support rthe MAGA movement. I will vote for Trump in a heartbeat over any other candidate… at this particular point in time.


The RINO party! Or we have come to know it as the “Uniparty” as we acknowledged earlier that both parties are of the same side of the political coin. It is now about big donor interests than that of doing the People’s business.

As many others will as well. I am just not sure we will get there to find out IMHO. We will see, but one thing that is certain is the Democratic apparatchik don’t like giving up power and will play dirty in order to keep it.

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No surprise there. The Calif governor wants to deny the very essence of the United States. He wants a Marxist “paradise.”

Hmmm, maybe he is the perfect conversation partner for Kim in North Korea. It’s getting weirder and weirder.

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All progressives want this furthering the divide between the ruling class and the working people whom they despise.

The problem with the left is that they pretend that they are for the people.

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That is par for the course for both their history and platform of broken promises. After assassinating JFK they hijacked the party.

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Experts Warn that Biden’s 2024 Budget Will Send Debt Skyrocketing Even Higher.

A massive $6.8 trillion annual budget is coming. It’s impact could be far reaching beyond what most people realize. Are you prepared?

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If you guessed the US taxpayer… you’re on track.

Members from the Senate Committee on the Budget, say Biden’s budget is a tax hike budget “that will hit millions of hardworking Americans…By the end of the budget window, taxes as a share of the economy reach levels only previously seen during World War II.”

The media agrees: “The latest grim news on the exploding federal government deficit testifies to the recklessness and incompetence of President Joe Biden,” The Washington Examiner recently reported.

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Its not really Biden, and its pretty clear who is behind it.

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