GOP Senator: We Need Commonsense Legislation or 2nd Amendment Will Be Violated

What a ■■■■■■■ This same argument has been made by conservacucks innumberable times in various forms: “We have to give anti-gunners what they want because if we don’t, they’ll do something worse.” And then when the anti-gunners demand “something worse,” we hear the same argument again. It’s nothing more than cowardice and piecemeal surrender.


Stated differently: We need to go ahead and pass legislation now that violates the second amendment, so they don’t come along later and pass legislation that violates the second amendment.


To think Trump held rallies for this piece of shit.

Mark my words: If Trump signs any of this crap, he loses 2020 handily. That’s no bullshit. They keep asking, “what does Trump have to do to lose his base???”

That would be it.

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They don’t need to pass legislation! They are going to violate the 2nd by instituting a social credit score system that will deny that right. Meanwhile any challenges to that system will be fraught with legal double talk talk to thwart the masses into thinking that nothing can be done. In other words any of this lip service is mere distractions!

Without the 2nd nothing protects the 1st or you from Antifa hit squads.

Common sense says everyone who wants can have all the weapons they want and can afford…

It’s a pity that common sense in not really that common.

Unfortunately, my suspicion is that the Second Amendment is about to be destroyed, and the populace will do nothing about it. And it’s going to be the Republicans – many of whose voters, probably, only vote for the vermin in order to keep their guns – who do it, with a grin on their faces.

A good chunk will hide their firearms, the rest (probably a majority) will hand them in.

The hidden guns are as good as useless, because if you don’t practice, you’re going to be really bad with them and will be useless in any serious crisis.

It’s pretty ironic to me, actually, that the French, Germans, and Czechs will still be shooting semi-autos when all the “freedom and independence” Anglo countries will end up totally disarmed of such firearms.

I mean, a Czech definitely, and a German probably, can own a semi-auto. Australians, who back in WW2 frightened their British officers with their masculine independence and toughness (literally) handed over their guns without a murmur, while the British practically did it with applause, as far as I know.

Weird how the Anglo countries start out the apparent farthest from the poz to begin with, yet are the ones to leap into it with both feet while the others are still dipping a thoughtful, doubtful toe only to test the waters.

No, I really don’t think a lot of us will hide them. Scenario: They come after the 2nd and make it a crime for me to own a gun without me doing anything criminal aside from exercise my 2nd Amendment right. They can bring their ass to the door and they’ll end up killing me but not before I inflict some damage. The Constitution doesn’t die without a fight. If you think we can’t stand up to their force… just take a good long look at Afghanistan. Now consider the training and number of armed Americans…

Point blank, they’ve talked about doing this for years because it’s their fantasy. What stops them is the number of armed Americans and the knowledge that we won’t roll over and comply because we know what’s at stake. End private ownership of firearms and millions of murders by government will be the result. Since we already know that from history, if they’re going to murder me anyway, why would I not fight them?

Like I said, won’t come to that in my lifetime but my grandkids will probably have to fight the fight unfortunately. I’ll make sure they’re armed, trained and taught WHY the 2nd exists … hopefully others do the same or America will be gone in < 75 years.