GOP Ad: Democrats Let Terrorists Vote

I am no fan, but Buttigieg had the right answer on this one. No.

Harris thinks we need to “have a conversation” about it. I don’t. Plus, I’m not sure why this is an issue for the Federal government. It’s up to the states to determine the qualifications of electors. Barring a constitutional amendment, there’s nothing the Feds can or should do about this.

BTW, after watching Bernie in that video, I had a vision. Take the suit off of him, and you can see him standing on the corner of public square with a placard saying we’re doomed.

What a sorry bunch.


Ha - yeah I don’t either. Even her pals at CNN are catching on to her non-answer crap. Anytime she gets a tough question she defaults to this robotic response.

Overall I think this is a good ad for the GOP. Although it really doesn’t take much. The Dems have gone so crazy that the content probably just writes itself. Hopefully, the GOP pays to run this on MSNBC and CNN. No point is airing this on FOX or OAN.

I noticed that yesterday when her stock answer to every questions is “we need to have a discussion on that”.

Is she just brain dead or she just doesn’t want to be identified with any side of important questions?

The GOP needs to run that ad every single day on every single channel all the way up to the 2020 election. Democrats can’t hand wave and explain that away as nothing. They flat out want criminals and terrorists voting in our elections. It’s a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves.

The GOP doesn’t even need to spend much money on advertising production. All they need to do is have someone do a highlight reel from the CNN Town Hall debates.

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We all know that they aren’t going to win based upon their policies. No same person would support letting criminals and terrorists vote from behind bars. It’s also a state issue not a federal one. Regardless of all of those facts I still believe that the Democrats are going to rig the 2020 election. Republicans better be preparing for their antics right now.


No sane person would demand open borders and an end to their own country’s immigration system but here we are and millions of people support that insanity.

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Most of those people calling for open borders are paid leftist shills. Those that aren’t are just drugged up college kids who latch on to their male professors because they never had a stable father figure.

An interviewer should respond with, “We’re having a discussion on it right now. What is your stance on that issue?”

That is exactly what I thought when she said that.

Bernie is an old fool ! He is the cancer in a sane society .

Could you please quote the person that has “demanded open borders”???

And Reagan calling for opening the border both directions doesn’t count…