Gooseboy's Magnum Opus

Deplorables spent years yammering about the Clintons’ highly rated foundation. Now, they fluff a trump who has admitted to ripping off his “charity,”

Deplorables are largely poor and poorly educated, but they are lickspittles for a trump who ripped off others with his fraudulent “university” and routinely ripped off small businesses which could not afford to fight his lawyers.

Deplorables love sucking vicarious glory from our military, but are eager groupies for a trump who used fake bone spurs to dodge the draft. In addition, trump rescued a psycho reviled by fellow SEALS, but attacked a decorated Colonel Vindman for doing his job with integrity. This followed his sliming of McCain’s military service.

Deplorables did constant caterwauling about Obama’s golfing and the cost of his vacations. Now, they tug on the zipper of a trump who golfs more than he works and has used millions in taxpayer dollars to feed his resorts every weekend, charging exorbitant rates for the Secret Service agents to stay there to protect his sorry ass.

“Christian” Deplorables worship at the orange fatted calf who mocks their supposed values, selling their cheap souls for implementation of policies legalizing unAmerican theocracy. In that vein, Deplorables who are constantly squealing about gay and trans “perversion,” largely followed trump’s command to support a notorious pedophile for Senate in Alabama.

Deplorables are always blustering over-compensating machismo - homosexual references are always on the tips of their tongues, as it were. They love posing “Hondo,” though none of them would last five minutes without government protection. And yet, the sissies are so easily frightened, they flock to the flabby pampered brat currently in the White House in the belief that blowhard wimp is their daddy protector.

Deplorables wear their phony patriotism on their sleeves, before groveling on their bellies before a trump who is about as American as apple strudel. Not only did the Fuhrer-wannabe treasonously extort a foreign nation for dirt on a domestic rival, he has gone after those who caught him and tried to do something about it. trump fluffers blindly swallow rampant attacks on the free press at the command of the biggest liar in presidential history. They happily goose step to the tune of his attacks on other American institutions like the FBI and the CIA and dedicated federal workers. He has convinced his gullible groupies they are all part of an absurd “Deep State.” And, that doesn’t even address trump becoming Putin’s bitch, getting played by Li’l Kim, or his willingness to suck up to autocrats, generally.

Now, I’m sure others can find more examples of the lack of integrity shown by Deplorables in the trump cult, but to me there is one more aspect to it that makes it even more pathetic. They are worshipping a trump who routinely puts his stunning ignorance on neon display, including his inability to form a simple proper sentence. Deplorables were not only suckered, they were suckered by a moron.

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You mean pay-for-play scheme that is now dead broke since that satanic bitch couldn’t steal the election?




Remember when Obama claimed the planet would begin healing itself just from electing him?


Remember when CNN, NBC, ABC, and friends were ecstatic one election night? Declaring all of the wide margins by which Clinton would take home the election?


Whenever you hear a deodorant-avoiding commie leftist spewing some bullshit like this you can goddamn guarantee whatever they’re saying is going to be the precise POLAR OPPOSITE of truth and fact.

Pathological projectors.


This is good. When liberals are angry that means it’s good for the country. If a leftist likes it, it’s bad for America.


We know The Grifter Foundation was extinguished by authorities, and Grifters sanctioned…

What have you got on the Clinton version?

As I recall, liberals and leftists were ahead of the curve on Iraqnam, and Scrub…

We’ve got objective evidence…

Are you old enough to remember The Great Recession?

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I know many Los Angeles area people who voted Trump! All of them are doctors (I’m married to one) or lawyers and one is an actual rocket scientist for Space X. So much for your asinine post huh.


With the economy in tatters thanks to Democrat governors failing to act, looks like the DNC paid shills are hungry for work.


Who’s looking asinine now?

Even before this, presidential experts rated Grifty no better than 3rd worst ever…

What does that even mean? More nameless experts proffered by the DNC? Ok :rofl:

Kinda like all those “unnamed sources” that seem to grow by the day.

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I’m afraid this narrative suffers from a conflict with facts…if you don’t believe me take another look at the instructions on your corona post card from Grifty…

Remember when Bitchillary said that refusing to accept the results of the election would be undermining our “democracy”?

Remember when Bitchillary’s “basket of deplorables” blew up in her crinkled face?

Fuck Hillary Rodham Clinton!


What does it feel like to rage this hard every day for nearly 4 years? It must be a massive burden to be this much of a sore loser.

Elections have consequences.


It means more than the masturbatory fantasies of an Oxy addict, and a phalanx of infotainers.

What are you drinking or taking drugs to make you this DELUSIONAL . President Trump would out work Schmobama without working up a sweat. Who was the President that sent an unmarked plane full of U.S. dollars( taxpayers money) to the TOWELHEADS in Tehran?
Some ot us Trump supporters maybe not be educated at Elite Universities which are known more as Liberal " Reeducation Camps" , but we have the intelligence to see how bad of a candidate HRC was.You sound like someone that has worked for Skaka Zulu Obama who isn’t the first black president. I hope you know he’s the product of a black father and white mother and he identifies himself as black.
How do you excuse Fast and Ludicrous and Benghazi. Remember, What does it matter!!!