Google youtube suspends One America News

YouTube suspends One America News for violating COVID-19 policy

Interesting that Google knocks OAN off just before Sidney Powell comes out with her evidence today.

Google can’t can’t kill their live feed, and Epoch Times, RSB reporting!

We pay the salaries of the jokers at the FCC. They need to put a stop to this crap. This is completely un-American. When television first came out news companies had an obligation to present the facts because of the strict regulations. YouTube is no different.

How far we have slipped.

I see no issue. OANN is nothing but a far right wing conspiracy theory channel. It’s biased and totally lacking in credibility and talent.


And CNN and MSNBC are right down the middle.


Tell to much truth on Twitter or YouTube, you get censored.

To HELL with both!

CNN and MSNBC certainly air their opinion segments. Those opinions segments are without a doubt center-left.

OANN is something entirely different. That network is nothing but a propaganda arm for the Trump administration. They never, ever, provide any commentary or news sources that are critical of Trump.

if all of you hate fake news so much then the first fake news organization that you should go after is OANN.

The rest of the news outlets are fulfilling their civic duty.

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Center left? They are the Burn, Loot, Murder and Orange Man Bad networks.

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YouTube is a private company and can do what it wants.

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No gays allowed? You ok with that?

She had/has no evidence and the Trump campaign since kicked her to the curb…

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela and China…:rofl: