Google Faces a New Antitrust Probe by 50 Attorneys General

Hmm? Lets see where this is heading shall we? I for one am getting to the point that all of these maneuvers by the legal beagles is all for show, as Google, the most powerful corporation in the world will be able to continue on legal technicalities while continuing to exploit citizen’s personal data in order to covertly usher in the social credit system while no one is looking. In the end Americans have no one else to blame if it is allowed to continue!

Check out Paul Joseph Watson’s piece on this subject matter. Even though this thread is presenting the issue of Google facing a legal enema, the social credit system issue is related and I urge my fellow patriots to seriously consider this point! It is already happening. Consider this as well, the leftists don’t have to go after the 2nd in order to confiscate your guns, all they do now is push further for the ability to institute a surveillance state bolstered with a social credit score system that will deny Americans the right to purchase firearms or ammunition. Let that sink in for a moment! Are you asleep awashed with your trappings of your digitalness?

More stunning revelations!

All bullshit if we see no jail time for top executives.

This rings of the $25 million a year athlete being fined $5,000.

Justice doesn’t work past a certain tax bracket. We the people have to reject these platforms and throw dirt on them at every turn.

We must push making them be a publisher OR a platform and not letting them have the benefits of both.

Google works for the Chinese government now. Nothing will come of this because China won’t allow it. The best thing anyone can do is abandon Google and all their services.