Goodyear's biased zero-tolerance policy, BLM is okay, Blue Lives Matter is not

Need more people like this!

Its the retarded CEO’s of the company that is creating this BS. Where are the owners?

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The retarded CEOs are just reacting to what the media is pushing, but pay no attention to who the media is comprised of.

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  • Leaked audio from Goodyear employees suggests possible discrimination.
  • An unidentified employee said that while Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ pride apparel is acceptable, “all, blue, or white lives matter” apparel is not.
  • There is a potential legal issue here, and it seems clear that Goodyear will have to respond to the situation.

Source: The Daily Wire




I just heard on Fox & Friends that Goodyear will allow support for law enforcement apparel to be worn in their facilities, I guess it was the 9% drop in their stock value that nudged them in the right direction. :roll_eyes:

I think it’s too little too late and I will not buy a Goodyear tire because they have exposed themselves to be political hacks on the wrong side of the American people.


The people running the company are idiots! It’s the same thing with the NBA, to which they did the same thing by invoking their dumb SJW nonsense and now no one is watching their garbage. If I were the owner I’d fire every single one responsible for these decisions! It clearly was bad business that cost the company millions, and if that isn’t a fireable offence then the company deserves to go down the shitter!


Do you follow this guy? He made some excellent points in this commentary that goes beyond the Goodyear issue. McEnany also exposes leftist media in term of trying to define the term “politics!” Talk about plausible ignorance!

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