Golden Retriever Dad Babysits Puppies

I love this it’s so adorable!

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I love dogs. I currently have an American Bulldog (Scott type). His name is Moose. He’s a rescue. I had to put my Bull Mastiff down in November of last year. He was 12 years old. He was my best friend… my boy.

As I was laying on the floor with him, in tears, the Vet asked if I knew anyone that could handle a large dog. I thought it a rather callous question at that time. He told one of the girls to bring him in so I could see him. He growled at me… then licked my face. Three days later, he was going home with me.

He is a hand full. He’s a little boy in a big body (117 lbs. right now). I love him to death. Dogs rock!

Bundles of joy! I absolutely love these dogs, but not all the hair they shed. GT are great outdoor dogs.

Maybe the WH can get the dog to help in taking care of Bidet.

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