GOD...Please Buy Me A Jet | Today`s Church...Years Later

I watched this video today and found it to be interesting. Without giving my thoughts on the subject matter I am more interested in seeing what others here think.

I’m not a fan of mega churches or those who seek to lead them.

The larger any “organized religion” becomes the more it’s leadership and inner circles become corrupted by wealth and power.

Especially those organized religions that have been around for a REALLY long time.

? It generally takes a long time for any group to become “organized”, particularly a religion.

I don’t have to watch an 80 minute video to know that televangelists are no different from other scam artists that prey upon the elderly and the religious nitwits that think their giving money to the clergy will increase their likelihood of attaining redemption.

All one has to do is ask for it. There are no dues to pay.

The ones who are most at risk are the rich megachurch leaders. They risk losing their way spiritually. And if they cause other believers to lose their way, they are cursed.

The people give voluntarily. In return, they receive something… a preacher’s sermon and leadership, I guess. And a sense of obedience in tithing, as we are admonished to do. And belonging.
It’s not for me. And the preachers might even be crooks… or just frail human beings who make mistakes. But if that is the symbiotic relationship that people choose, who am I to object or ridicule?

Furthermore, it seems that some types of people DO INDEED want this sort of arrangement.

I dont see much substantive difference between this kind of thing and the Catholic church, which has a Pope at the top … essentially a super rich guy that runs a wealthy city-state. And this apparent need to accept spiritual guidance from a leader who is wealthy or has access to tremendous wealth is seen in other religions, like Islam, as well. I think it is the same human trait that caused the Israelites to want a king.

Also… I know that some here may use this logic: “If the leader is found to be unable to follow his own guidance and admonitions, then everything that the leader says is to be ignored.” To me, that logic is like saying if Einstein ever made a mistake in his checkbook, all of his other math is bunk.

Could you at least give a tl;dr? I don’t have an 1 1/2 hours to burn watching that vid just to respond to one thread.

My take on Joel Osteen in general - he has a positive message that makes people feel good and so people hand over their hard earned money in exchange.

…and maybe, if they’re lucky…a prayer handkerchief! Whoopiee!

Yep… refrigerator magnets too. Some people need constant reminders. I myself just recently installed the Bible onto my Samsung Gear watch. When eating lunch or waiting for something, I can read a verse at a time. A little of the word of God goes a long way.

Joel Osteen getting shamed into opening his megachurch during the Houston flooding was karma playing out for all to see.

Nothing illegal about asking or even begging…It’s just wrong.


I remember when Jimmy Swaggart cried and said he was going to die if he didn’t get a million dollars soon.

Well when you get a chance its worth watching. Its an interesting look at the preachers or pastors who claim to have these divine powers that insidiously take advantage of people and get rich while doing so. But there is also a bigger message in the film itself about false prophets and is the most compelling case it makes.

Who was the other guy, Jimmy and his wife “cake face” Tammy Baker?

Close. It was Jimmy and Tammy Faye Bakker.

Wasn’t that Oral Roberts when he crawled up in the prayer tower begging for money and refusing to come down until he had enough money to finish building something at Oral Roberts University?

My thoughts:

Fuck the fucking fuckers.

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Cold have been. They’re all the same to me…except for Billy Graham. He was a great man.

I do remember one of the crybabies saying he would die unless he got a shitload of money.

Hey it was thirty years ago so don’t feel bad. You were close.

There’s something wrong with a millionaire pastor who names a private, church affiliated university after himself.