‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise

Just as places like Colorado, Texas, and Nevada where people are complaining about the influx of Californians moving to red states in which they eventually ruin when they also bring their liberalism with them! Now Boise is experiencing the same problem with rising house costs as a result of new Californians raising the cost of home prices! Now Boise residents are trying to fight back by electing a new Mayor that will implement a new tax plan that will offset the costs that will have new residents moving to the state shoulder most of the tax burden!

‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise


I hope that this takes off. It sends a message to all of these leftists abandoning the failed policies that they voted for in California that they aren’t wanted in other states. I wish we could force them to stay in California and deal with the repercussions of their actions.


The law probably won’t get passed and even if it does it will probably get overturned. Regardless, it’s still nice to send a message that Californians aren’t welcome.


Leftist/Socialist/Communist shit up their own nest and when the smell gets too strong they move somewhere else to shit it up.


We all know the real reason - even if the LA Times refuses to admit it.

Commiefornians have completely fucked their home state by voting in nut-case Democrats. They flee the needles, the crime, the shit on the streets, the power black-outs, and run to a Republican state where there is law, order and civility. Then they proceed to destroy that state by voting in nut-case Democrats again.


Just Like Illegal Aliens Will
And That’s The Plan…

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The state should change residency requirements. It should make all left coast transplants wait 5 years before they can become a resident, which means they can’t vote for at least 5 years and probably have to pay taxes in both states.

We need to build a wall around California and make all them stay there. They love telling us how to live…why don’t they practice what they preach? We need to hold them accountable and not let them off the hook. They ruined their state now they should be stuck dealing with the consequences.

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If you welcome the Californian cancer into your community or state you and your kids are going to regret it forever.


As a resident of Colorado soon moving to Wyoming we have been plagued with the influx of people from California, NY, Illinois and a number of other liberal states as they flee their high taxes and regulations.

I find it amazing how they come for the change and then bring their liberal ideas with them changing their new home to resemble their old home.


Don’t worry. In less than a decade the whole country will be just like California. Then you won’t have to move or travel ever again, because there will be no escape.

All except Wyoming!!!

You don’t like freedom huh. Thank goodness none of the things you guys would like to see happen, ever will.

Approximately 10k people a day/week moved to Texas from CA for a while there in 2010-2011.

Between that and illegal immigration, they’ve been absolutely inundated with human garbage.

Breaking News Video of a skirmish between the newcomers vs the established citizens.

Watch for the girls on the scaffolding who pour what looks to be hot steaming diarrhea on their adversary’s heads.


Imagine someone comes into your house and uses your bathroom and leaves the floor splashed with urine and smeared with dookie.

That is just how the newcomers live.

But now you have to deal with their bad habits.

What about your freedom and those of you already living there?

The newcomers must be expected to adjust to the established norms, otherwise they are an inconsiderate bunch.

Thanks to Andrew Yang maybe everyone will be equally oppressed where they already live.

What does that have to do with what I was talking to Margie about?

I forget now.

I drink while I post sometimes.

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The cockroaches and locusts from COMMIEFORNIA will invade the lower 48 and maybe Hawaii pollute and ruin everyone’s way of life with their Lunatic Liberalism.