Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” - What You NEED To Know!

5th generation.

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I am Glad you created a separated thread for this, getting tired of the “shithole”!

This is an issue that really needs to be talked about more and advocacy in stopping this should be a very high priority!

Sorry… but the scare is bullshit. The OP video is bullshit, especially where the scare monger talks about millimeter waves boiling water. Current 3G and 4G frequencies are closer to microwave oven frequencies than millimeter waves are.
And the higher the frequency, the less penetration there will be into most living material such as our food and ourselves.

And all of it is non-ionizing radiation. So don’t get confused thinking this is anything like radiation you measure with a Geiger counter.

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And? It’s not the 5g that is repelling them.


The higher bandwidth makes possible higher rates of information transfer… information from sensors like cameras and IR sensors. They arn’t aiming a 5G ray gun at wild boars.

OMG… please try. The permissible exposure level (PEL) for millimeter wave is 2 to 5 times higher than the PEL for 3G and 4G. If anything, all else being equal, the higher frequency makes it safer. I will say that these PEL values are time time averaged values and the averaging time for millimeter wave frequencies is one half to one sixth the duration for 3G and 4G PELs. But again the PEL is higher for millimeter wave frequencies.

(Data derived from STANAG 2345… which is similar to what IEEE says)

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This won’t get far. Unlike “climate science” the study of electromagnetics is real science and entry requirements into this field are much higher than global alarmist activism classes. The damned wacko 5G alarmists can hardly even articulate the issues without being caught and called out as morons.

If someone here wants to have an intelligent conversation about electromagnetic hazards, and can show some capability of doing so, I’m happy to oblige.There are real hazards. But for the population, this 5G network is not one of them.

The audience is much larger here.

For starters:

Europe: Countries in the EU are using both low and high frequency bands for the initial 5G trails. In the lower bands they are using the 3400 - 3800 MHz frequency band and in the higher frequency bands they are using the frequency band from 24.25 - 27.5 GHz .


For those interested, here is a frequency/wavelength/energy calculator,

So far research has not found any health risks with 5g. However, the FDA says more research must be done on the subject.

I think more research needs to be down with permissible exposure limits on 4 g LTE and 5 g.


What’s the frequency Kenneth?

There is one salient point about 5G which differentiates it from other-G
It uses sub-millimetre waves in some circumstances, that is frequencies in the range 24GHz to 86GHz. The wavelength of 86GHz is approximately 0.35mm

Those of you wondering about vulnerabilities might consider this: the latency is expected to be below 1-millisecond. That means that the distance from handset to responding hub is absolutely no greater than 150km and that current base station distance from handset of around 5km line of sight are likely to be repeated.

The handset power to communicate with a base station is likely to be around 0.5W (this is not continuous).

If this kind of power is used in the 24-86GHz spectrum then the wavelengths in the range 0.35mm-1.4mm can easily propagate down the ear canal.

More research is required.

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Yes. OK… its time to come clean. I confess. I am an employee of a joint venture between the defense department and the cell phone companies.

It’s too late. We have already created electromagnetic earwigs. We have already sent them down your ear canals. Once in, they program your brain. You are all mine now, suckers. Bwhaaaahaaaahaaaa!

Ummm… by the way, Earwig. You are off by an order of magnitude. Try 3.5 mm.

So IYO there is nothing to be concerned about with this 5G rollout, even though no research has been conducted to insure the public of its safety?

There have been studies done on this. Like most studies, the amount of exposure was over the legal limit for what is actually there. Until there is a study with exposure lower than the legal limit, there shouldn’t be any concern because people are never going to reach the exposure level reached in the study normally.

There has been research into electromagnetic effects on humans going back decades… many decades. The fact that people here are writing numbers and units like 25GHz for the first time in their lives does not mean the rest of us are so new to systems that operate at these frequencies. Radars, communication systems, sensors, etc have been using millimeter wave frequencies for a long time. And they have been used around people for a long time. That is why I can turn to multiple references and tell you what the permissible exposure levels are. They have been studied and documented.

The new application for cellular phones does not change the fundamental nature of the electromagnetic wave.

So, i don’t mean to denigrate your question but your question is not really valid. There has been considerable study, research, and experience with this frequency band.

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