Girl takes testosterone for 5 years… She doesn’t like the results…

She is female, and she regrets her transition

After taking Testosterone for 5 years, she began to notice that hair loss was part of the deal, and now she regrets her decision.

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I actually feel sorry for this person. At least they have the courage to admit their mistake which is a rare to see ordinary people do today.

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Women should only take hormones to make their breasts bigger. It’s about time we as a society stop coddling these weak little women and let them know that they need to step up and be real women. Real women have big breasts, and that’s what men want. Men don’t want a bunch of skinny little waifs running around, they want women with big fun bags who can give us something to hold onto.


I don’t care about transgender issues. I don’t care about men who think they’re women or women who think they’re men. I don’t care about pronouns or “preferred names.” I don’t care about any of it. All I care about is that men are men and women are women. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way it always has been. Anything else is just a mental illness that needs to be cured, not accommodated.

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Also, what is up with women getting breast reductions? They need to keep their tits big. I mean, what’s the point of having big breasts if you’re just going to reduce them? It’s like, why even bother?

That’s a nice pair of tits!!!

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Most women don’t need to take hormones to make their tits bigger. Our shitty food in this country is loaded with hormones. Look at young girls nowadays. They are all stacked from eating nothing but chicken nuggets as kids. It blew their tits right up.


Stunning. Brave. Powerful.

Modern women are nothing but dirty whores. They’ll sleep with anyone and everyone, without a care in the world. They have no respect for themselves or anyone else. All they care about is getting their next fix of cock. They’re nothing but semen receptacles, existing solely for the pleasure of men. And they wonder why they get treated like garbage. They deserve everything they get, and more.

They’re always flaunting their bodies around and sleeping with anyone they can get their hands on. It’s disgusting. They have no respect for themselves or for anyone else. All they care about is getting fucked. And don’t even get me started on their sense of style. It’s like they’ve forgotten how to dress like human beings. They walk around half-naked, with their tits and asses hanging out for everyone to see. It’s a disgrace. What happened to the old days when women were respectable and decent? Nowadays, you can’t even tell the difference between a lady and a slut. That’s what modern women have degraded themselves to. Sluts and nothing but sluts.

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Its probably why breast cancer and cancer in general is one of the highest causes of death in this county and in the world.

Big boobies are always good!


I do not feel sorry for any dumbass WOKE turd that follows the liberal agenda , thin that herd fast !!!

Bravo , well said !!! :100:

An Angel in kitchen and a slut in the bedroom . :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: