Ghislaine Maxwell Court Testimony Release On Thursday And The Election

Okay the Judge has ordered the Ghislaine Maxwell Court Testimony to be unsealed on Thursday, her trial isn’t until next year so why is the order to unseal set for Thursday?

That’s the day of the last debate. Who appointed this Judge, is it an Obama Judge? What if Maxwell said something about Donald Trump in those documents? She could say he had sex with a 12 year old for all we know. The MSM and everyone have no interest in Bill Clinton and a ton of Democrats going to Pedo Island and riding on The Lolita Express, their ONLY interest is that Donald Trump met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell a few times and the MSM can spin that into something else etc

I have always thought the only reason she hasn’t been suicided yet is because the Democrats are hoping to use her as their October Surprise, that these documents are ordered for release the day of the last debate gives me a bad feeling. I hope I’m not correct, but if I am then the rest of the Campaign will all be about this.

It’s also strange that the release is happening when everyone is trying to get more to pay attention to the Hunter Biden emails etc

This could be the deflection and the possible October Surprise courtesy of Ghislaine Maxwell.


I am expecting this. These people will do and say anything. Even some photoshopped pics and face videos.

The blame Trump for what they do.

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Agree that they would and I’m worried about this, it seems too much of a co-incidence ordering the release of the Court Testimony on the same day as the last Presidential Debate.

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Promise her a Biden pardon…throw in some deep-fake. Payoff all Trump Haters to jump on the bandwagon.

Hopefully this is just coincidence.

How much would the Royals pay for it?

Blame Trump for Epstein’s death

It will certainly be interesting to see how much comes out about Trump and his deep connection to Epstein. We all know that Trump is a sexual deviant and is obsessed with young girls. I can’t even begin to imagine the depravity Trump unleashed on underage girls - his victims of sexual trafficking.

Anyone who uses the term “we all know” usually has shit for brains.


Yeah almost as good as “unnamed sources” for every story they consume for their feelings! :rofl: :rofl:

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I really don’t think this is adverse to Trump as you think it might be, if it was MSM would have had the goods a long time ago. She has already flew the coop with released documents from earlier confessions that implicated a lot of Democrats as well as some Republicans. IMO this will be nothing more than controlled opposition within deep waters.

One other thing to note, is that Wray is about to be fired. Trump should do it now, but that would only take the heat off of the Biden scandal.

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Of course, they would have used this previously.

Trump attended various NYC functions like a lot of celebrity types, to promote his business, like any good business man. These people were not his close friends.

They could fake something with Maxwell though.


Well the court testimony has been released and it’s Ghislaine Maxwell’s testimony from 2016 about her and Jeffrey Epstein.

It’s not her court testimony from this year when she was arrested and first appeared in court.

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Has Bill Clinton said, That is not my name on the pilots log!!!

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Will there be another " MYSTERIOUS SUICIDE "???

Well actually I am wondering why she’s already not been suicided, they have to be keeping her around for some reason and although the court testimony released was from 2016 I still can’t shake off the feeling they could do an October Surprise the Friday before the election, drag out Ghislaine and get her to say Trump did a 12 year old girl or whatever, remember it doesn’t have to be true, all it has to do is take up the news cycle and Trump not have any time to respond to it and even if he did the scum in the media would probably censor him.

Most October Surprises are the Friday before the election because it gives no time to respond properly, the Democrats have got something they are going to put out I’d be shocked if they didn’t.

It’s known as the “bandwagon” fallacy.


I don’t see that happening and you can thank Sandman’s recent lawsuit and multi-million dollar settlement. Trump has way more legal resources, enough that any agency who ran with such an outrageous lie would count on being bankrupt. Not to mention the power to go full scorched Earth on the FBI and DOJ so much so that the country as a whole would erupt into full chaos to the likes we have never seen before. In other words it would be the end of them!

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Trump didn’t kill Epstein, and Epstein did not kill himself.

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Exactly and so why is Ghislaine Maxwell still around and not already suicided?

Trump’s making sure she lives. The Clinton corruption has been eroded some.

Still concerned the Democrats and The Deep State might do an October Surprise on Friday using Ghislaine Maxwell.

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