Getting into Prestigious Schools is Suspiciously Easy for Some

This is a great piece by Tucker Carlson as he raises an interesting question about how elite politicians are able to have their off-spring get into Ivy League colleges. Mr Carlson is able to identify a pattern here and it certainly suggests that the odds of prominent politicians such as Al Gore whose 4 children were able to get into Harvard are incredibly rare. So what gives? Is this just coincidence and is there more to this story than meets the eye, especially with the recent college admissions scandal still fresh in the minds of some, asking this questions and focusing on our political class is a fair question that needs to be examined further.

Getting into prestigious schools is suspiciously easy for some.

Rich kids paying for the subsidies of supposedly poor kids, which is code for all sort of victim status nowadays.

I saw this bit too and it’s entirely too accurate. I’d love to see what percentage of “kids” accepted to these schools actually got in on merit rather than who their parents are.

Yeah there is definitely a patten here and it’s all about the money! It’s disgusting to be honest and I am glad Tucker is calling it out! Just as he mentions about Al Gores 4 children getting into Harvard, what are the actual chances they all got in on their own merit? That to me is too obvious!

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Power & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$; but it does not guarantee they will be able to produce; and so once again, power & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ puts them in a position where, even if they are failures, they may still be spoon fed through their ( supposed ) working life. Too often nothing more than Busy Work; but still high pay.

I’m not ready to jump to a conclusion that kids from prominent people like Algore get in because Gore did anything suspicious.

A school like Harvard would consider it an asset to its brand that prominent kids go there. I tend to believe that Harvard puts kids like that at the top of their acceptance lists for the prestige, rather than the parents putting them there through nefarious deals with Harvard.

Either way, kids of prominent people supplant other kids who might be more qualified. But if it’s Harvard’s decision and not the parents’ bribes, then that’s Harvard’s business as a private school, and I do not begrudge Harvard for doing so. (Actually, from a free-market perspective, I question why it should be illegal for parents to bribe a private school to get their kids in. I can understand if it’s a state school. But private is private. The negative cost to such a school should come in brand reputation, not in legal sanction.)

Whether it’s the parents using their position to get favoritism or favoritism granted because of their positions of power the problem is the same.

These schools purport to accept on the best based on merit and it’s simply a lie.

I sure wonder why 2% of the US population is vastly over represented at America’s most prestigious institutions.

For the same reasons Asians who make up an even smaller percentage of the population do.

It is. And that’s what should ding their brand reputation.

Chelsea Clinton wasn’t or isn’t smart enough to get into Stanford and that should tell you all you need to know about this issue!

It’s definitely going to have an effect but the Ivy Leaguers are such a close knit bunch so deeply established in the houses of power they will continue to wield huge power in the US for probably as far as we can see into the future.

“It’s who you know, not what you know that matters”, is as true today as it ever was.