Get used to the fact that reparations are coming, and a lot of it

It won’t matter if you’re a descendent of a slave, or if you come from a black family that made millions as a slave owner, you could be sitting under a coconut tree in Haiti , and if you refugee here you getting paid. Democrats are going to give every person of color millions of dollars. You black? Well republicans aren’t banned yet so America is racist. You deserve money for dealing with a country that allows republicans to talk. lol
You might ask where will they get the money? From you white boy. Lol
Same place they get pension money, pay the military, etc.

Mexican cartel weren’t worried about our gangsters lol

My goodness how did this ever happen? Oh wait I know. If only you could read. Idiot.

Race-Based Hatred Permeates the Black Population

By Steve McCann

For forty-five years (1964 to 2009), the United States experienced significant progress in race relations. Thanks to the efforts of individual citizens in their communities throughout all regions of the country, this nation was well on its way to racial healing. In 2008 only 18% of Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country as nearly 70% thought that relations between Whites and Blacks were very or somewhat good.

In 2009, the most divisive and societally destructive president in American history, Barack Obama, came into office determined to reverse this trend by manipulating the Black citizenry into abandoning racial harmony by utilizing malicious demonization of the White population. He succeeded in fanning the dying embers of racism into a potential national conflagration.

Thanks to Obama and the media’s incessant drumbeat that so-called “white supremacy” is a major threat to minorities, in particular Blacks, a Washington Post poll in May of 2022 revealed that three quarters of Blacks are worried that they or someone they love will be attacked by a white person – while the reality is that Blacks perpetrate the vast majority of interracial crime. And nearly as many, 70 percent, believe that half or more of all White people “hold white supremacist beliefs.”

The whole reason Obama won was race hate, it’s been building and exploded in 2009, was never getting better. Blacks would attack whites for being them selves. Tv shows in the 90’s would promote race division.
whites have been taught to hate them selves

Not all of us. Those of us that you hate… Boomers, definitely aren’t in the self hate catagory. You hate us and yourselves. :rofl:

Are you happy with how you boomers are leaving this country to the next generations after so many died to protect you?

I’m not happy with a lot of things. You lump all of us that are my age as boomers that don’t give a fuck about this country or what’s happening to it… like we actually have any say in it.

Yes, lot’s of boomers probably fall into the catagory you put all of us in. I didn’t ask to born after WW2. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or say that would change that.

What is your generation doing that is so profoundly productive for the country? ANTIFA… BLM… gender bullshit… pronouns… free shit for everyone… shitty work ethic… CRT taught in schools… revisionist history / incorrect history being taught in schools… expecting six figure wages after graduating college right out of the gate… expecting all your college loans to be forgiven; for who knows what reason/s… all are on YOU, not me or my generation.

Blame the boomers in DC that occupy the Capital. Even then, not all of them are boomers. Those are people you should direct your ire at, not me or a whole genertation that had no say in anything that happened… and still doesn’t.

It’s so easy to point fingers at others. It’s a whole lot more difficult to do it while looking in the mirror because the finger is pointing right at you! What are YOU, Jitts617 doing for your country… other than giving lip service on a dumbass message board??? Pretending to be things are aren’t don’t count. :rofl:

I wish I could be around when the generation after you starts the same bullshit commentary about your generation. That would be some great entertainment to witness…lol. Remember: what comes around goes around.

This is deep and sad. There is no helping them.

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I’ve felt this way over the years but haven’t been able to articulate it, black community played a big role in my upbringing…
father figure, neighbors, class mates, football teams, basketball, music.

It’s true there is the just hate for us at the end of the day.