Get Ready to Sacrifice 120,000 of your Sons

Holy shit are you serious? This is the 3rd President that Bolton has worked for and he has been absolutely rabid over regime change in Iran the WHOLE TIME.

You are way out of line.

Why? Because I called you out?

You are low information and provide only emotion in your responses.

Why are you out of line? Yet, you claim it is I who makes an emotional argument? :rofl:

This is downright bordering on hysterics:

Are you for real bitching about this? If it wasn’t for your boy Bolton and his pals in the Bush Administration there never would have been a second Iraq war and Iran wouldn’t be exerting any influence whatsoever in Iraq today. Yet, you want your boy Bolton to go spread some more democracy in the Middle East, and get thousands of American boys killed in the process, so your precious ■■■■ can establish camps on more patches of dirt while we bankroll their whole country - which is the size of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Iran has been heavily sanctioned for 40 years, surrounded by both enemies and failed states and yet they managed to:

  • Be one of the safest countries in the Middle East even though neighboring 4 of the most unstable countries in the world
  • Indigenously produce up to 70% of their import needs such as up to 98% of their pharmaceutical needs, almost all of their military needs, almost all of their heavy machinery need for mining and agriculture
  • 13th strongest military and top 20 strongest economy in the world back in 2012 before the Trump sanctions started
  • A regional power which took over half of the Middle East right under America’s nose
  • Close to being considered a newly industrialized country by the UN
  • Scientific innovation in many fields
  • One of the most educated populations in the Middle East and even in the entire world
  • And the list goes on.

They’ve been dealt one of the worst hands and managed to come this far all on their own. That is a big achievement in of itself. Your ■■■■ in Israel can’t make it one single year without billions of dollars in handouts. Shysters.


We elected Trump to make America strong again… not run from a fight. We have allies. They asked for our help. We’re helping.

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We didn’t elect him to pick a fight. That was a big part of the campaign. You might have missed it while on the Never Trump train.

… you see ■■■■■■ people.

But the ones asking for our help are arabs. Try reading a bit.

WTF moron… I’m on record as the most supportive unwavering Trump supporter there is.

What the fuck are you even babbling about? Helping the ■■■■ confiscate more territory in the region isn’t answering an Arab call for help. Are you saying that Bolton wants to advance the interests of Arabs (which ones?) by starting a war with Iran? Are you high?

Bolton wasn’t singing that tune when he got his Guardian of Zion award last year.

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I don’t care what you think you are. You support sending Americans to die for Israel. That makes you an anti-American traitor in my book.

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You must be illiterate. Saudi and UAE asked for our help. I fucking build military equipment for Saudi and UAE. They are our allies.

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Bull shit, read up on the straits of Hormuz and the 70’s oil crisis. and Operation Praying Mantis in 1988.

More than 1/3 of the world’s petroleum passes through the straights of Hormuz which puts a strangle hold on the economies of the western industrial powers.

This isn’t about protecting Israel it’s about protecting our own economy and preventing another huge energy crisis along with preventing Iran from gaining any more control over the ME which would precipitate an all out war with Saudi Arabia resulting in the same economic perils.

What a steaming pile. The whole of the democratic leadership from Clinton on down was calling for the removal of Saddam from 1998- 2000. You people are so ignorant you’re not even capable of a grade school level argument.

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Blinding hatred and stupidity.

We elected Trump to exercise his best judgment based on current conditions and the best information available at any point in time during his presidency.

There could be no greater failure of his presidency than to do the same thing Obama did in empowering Iran and the Jihadists to gain complete control of the ME.

Somewhere along the line in 2016 the ■■■ Haters got convinced by their own leadership that Trump was secretly some sort of secret stealth Aryan candidate apparently and they’re having a a collective tantrum now that they are beginning to see just how badly they’ve been fooled by their own leaders.

We elected Trump to exercise his best judgment based on current conditions and the best information available at any point in time during his presidency.

There could be no greater failure of his presidency than to do the same thing Obama did in empowering Iran and the Jihadists to gain complete control of the ME precipitating a nuclear exchange in the region.


If our forces are attacked in International waters, they don’t need permission to strike back. Iran best not poke at the hornet’s nest.

Look at all the keyboard commandos ready to let hundreds if not thousands of Americans die for some idiotic desire by Trump to be a wartime leader.

The last thing we need is to become embroiled in yet another middle eastern adventure for no fucking reason at all.

I supported Bush invading Iraq, I bought into all the WMD bullshit. I will not be making that mistake again.


The war in Afghanistan is still going on. Technically, that makes Trump a war time leader. I think this is all about Bolton. After the failed coup attempt in Venezuela, Bolton is looking for a win.

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And we certainly didn’t elect him to bribe Iran to stop illegally hold our troops captive and humiliate them to the entire World !!! WTF do you know about why we elected president Trump ? :roll_eyes:

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Why are you living in the past. We cannot do anything about what Obama may have let happen but we certainly can do something about Trumps hair brained idea of committing 120,000 troops to another foolish military adventure.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan was completely useless. It did nothing to make america safer. Our troops there served admirably and did what was asked by the civilian leadership but that does not change the fact that every serviceman injured or killed made a sacrifice that could and should have been avoided.