Get out of DC area now

DC and other Dem areas are going to be very dangerous, according to info given to Simon Parkes.

I’m not vouching for it.
Make whatever you want of it.

He’s bat shit crazy, don’t ever listen to that idiot.

It’s already started!

All non essential staff from the White House and in other DC Federal departments were sent home for a reason.

They are going to be targets in the coming days as the military operation unfolds.

Please act smart and be home if you live in the area. The military doesn’t need your help.

Bring your guns! !! …

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That is complete bullshit, no staffers were sent home in preparation of marshal law, which IS NOT going to happen. Soon you’ll be 0 and 6…

Please! Go put a cork in it if you can’t ever stay on topic!

I thought you were opposed to people being required to stay home.