"Get Out! - Go Get a Warrant!" - Business Owners in Buffalo, New York Stand Up to Cuomo’s COVID Orders, Kick Out Sheriff and “Health Inspector”

A lot of you folks here tend to equate the State of New York with New York City. We here in upstate NY aren’t taking any more of Cuomo’s shit. We are tired of being ruled over by a bunch of leftists in NYC. Outside of that dump, NY is a red state and we are done with this COVID bullshit.


Why is it so hard for you Republicans to wear a mask to protect others? We had had 157k COVID cases in the US just yesterday and we are already at 12 million total cases passing countless other countries.

Just put on the damn mask.

We would prefer you use a plastic bag.


This is exactly what all private businesses need to start doing. If someone from the state comes in and brings the cops, tell them to get the hell out and get a warrant.


This is starting to happen in the northern parts of the 845 too. The southern portions have been infiltrated with leftists from the city and the 914…glad you guys are throwing the gauntlet down in the north country.


I support the police but I think they need a wake up call. The business owner was right. As soon as he said they were not welcome and were trespassing the sheriff should have left the property and escorted Cuomo’s hall monitor with them.

Sheriff Porker shouldn’t be advising anyone on what’s healthy.

Our leftists tend to come here from one particular place and are usually the ones making anonymous complaints…

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HomoCuomo still won’t let Bills fans attend games either?

The NYPD told Cuomo to go kick rocks too.


Again - here is another great story for my conservative friends here that don’t fully understand NY politics.

NYC loves Cuomo and they elected him as our governor. The rest of the state hates his guts and thinks he is a tyrant and a clown.


I don’t even live in NY and I want one of those stickers!