Germany: Muslims declare a Sharia zone and forbid all unbelievers to enter,

Well now, Germany is starting to reap the benefits of the religion of peace. Duisburg is located in the former industrial belt called the Rurhgebeit which has an extraordinarily high population of all shades of the religion of peace(like Paris).Muslims in Wuppertal,the birth place of Fredrick Engels (co-founder of Communism)has already had problems with the local government with their desire to have an Islamic compliance squad patrol the streets. I do not know what is worse Pinkos and fruitcakes attempting to hijack city governments or the religion of peace attempting to do the same!


More like they’re reaping what they’ve sown in Muslim countries the last several decades following America’s folly…

Global Islam has been on the cards for a long time (not as long as the coronavirus ‘war’ though! :roll_eyes:), so it would have happened with or without western interference.

But a Sharia Zone? Things are obviously going their way?

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Ya can’t blame America for a culture famous for defective gene pools. We never told them to remain anchored to a 7th Century mind set.


That’s not what I blamed them for. And actually I don’t care anymore. I’ve been in a narrow thin minority opposing US/NATO ME wars that have caused a record number of global refugee crisis. This is reaping what you sow.

You are right in the sense that military adventurism has been more trouble than it’s been worth, but the same people who got us into those disasters are also the same people flooding their own countries, against the will of the people, with those who are culturally incompatible with Western civilization. Who pays the price for that on both sides? The common person. You shouldn’t be cheering on their demise.

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Again. I opposed US intervention in real time. Perhaps you don’t remember because you were busy cheering America on. But those few of us out protesting it were treated as traitors, sympathizers with Hussein, Mubarak, Gadaffi and Assad. Told to get the hell out of we weren’t going to get behind Bush and the military.

Sorry, but we were/are right, and Europe is reaping what it has sown, as is the US.

Pity that Americans get all “rah rah merika” every time presidents start beating the war drums. As to Europeans, they too need to stop allowing their countries to follow the US folly in the ME.

Bullshit!!! During the Bush admin there was a ton of support against invading Iraq on both sides. We were lied to and opportunists on BOTH sides benefited from that war and countless young men died.

No there wasn’t. Opposing Bush got you labeled anti American. The French, who opposed the US are still held in disrespect over it. The impetuous and sophomoric congress changed the name of French Fries in the capital cafeteria. The Dixie Chicks were demonized. Opposing the US invasions of A-Stan and Iraq was damn sure not an easy position.

There was absolutely support on the right, especially among actual conservatives (not neoconservatives), for not getting into an unnecessary war in the Middle East with a country that did not attack the US.

I supported going after the Taliban in Afghanistan. I never supported the war in Iraq but did support the troops ordered to fight it.

The big doubt I had with Afghanistan was that it will never be ready for democracy and I was hoping that America would do like what the Israelis do, kick ass and get out. In both fronts we have stepped into quicksand. But I agree with MeTontoUSuck, we must provide support for our troops and hope that there will be days in the future where America is WAR FREE!!

War Profiteering & War Criminal-Feinstein’s … - Indybay

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You cannot kick ass and get out. You can accomplish nothing good by going to war in the ME. You may feel good about supporting troops that are prosecuting stupid, often illegal wars, but I never will. As I said, I don’t hold the young men responsible that are out fighting, I see them as victims as well…

Israel has had great success with Gaza by kicking ass and getting out.

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Wrong, the SOB’s never leave, it’s endless incursions, and they illegally occupy areas.

■■■■ were there first. Palestine is nothing but a geographic location coined by the Romans.


Notice that the name of that land is ISRAEL . The name Palestine was a regional name imposed on the area by Roman Emperor Hadrian, who wanted to humiliate the ■■■■ by denying their right to a homeland. The name Palaestina was originally an adjective derived from Philistia, the arch-enemies of the Israelites 1,000 years earlier.

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In addition, when the Ottoman ruled that area, savvy ■■■■■■ business men purchased large parcels of land in that area and received a valid grant deed from the government.

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Well sometimes if the crop is bad, ya gotta plow it under.