Germany: Gang of Syrian Youths Provide Train Passengers with Some On-Board Vibrancy


These were a surprisingly well-behaved bunch - not a single rape or stabbing.

No wonder the police just let them off.

Infowars Europe :

A gang of Syrian teens tormented train passengers in Germany over the course of a holiday weekend, sexually harassing girls, threatening families, and even pulling a knife in one incident, according to local media.

The suspects were reportedly arrested multiple times, but continued their reign of terror upon release, and are currently at large after wreaking havoc on Deutsche Bahn trains in the state of Saarland.

“As Karsten Eberhardt of the Federal Police Office in Bexbach reported on Tuesday, his colleagues were alerted for the first time on Friday (7 June),” Saarbrücker Zeitung reports. “In the regional train between Neunkirchen and Homburg, at 4:40 pm, one of the youth gang pulled out a knife and threatened to use it.”

“Only a day later, the trio turned their attention to a family and their children, as well as girls who they harassed. At 7:30 pm the investigators had to move in to stop the gang on the train from Saarbrücken to Homburg.”

A train conductor called police again on Sunday to alert them about the gang, who were arrested and later released, despite reportedly confessing to some of their misdeeds.

Police say they range in age from 14 to 16 and come from Syria, but hold permanent residence permits in Germany.

Amazing how there wasn’t a single German man on the train willing to protect his fellow Germans and break a few skulls.

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Eventually the backlash will be genocidal. The germans have been temporarily neutered but still have the DNA of intelligent but brutal barbarian killers.

Germany’s fighting stock was destroyed in two world wars. Warriors breed warriors and it wasn’t the warriors who came home to reproduce.

Europe was destroyed by the Anglo-Atlanticist’s and the Russo-Eurasianist’s alliance in the last world war which made Germany the core of an EU bourgeois Trotskiist gulag: Europa is already gone save for some heroic small parties but that fact does not preclude that the tail that wags the Coudenhove-Kalergi dog, the Rothschilds Oded Yinon plot, might not also render Europeans some revenge and demoralize their Communist Sayan diaspora which thanks its former and present Allies with Cultural Trotskiism…Trotskiism is murderouser than ordinary Marxismus. Just my take.


But thank Yahweh we aren’t all speaking German amirite? And at this rate neither will Germany for very long.

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That could be. I guess we will see… probably even within our lifetimes.