Germany...Bowing to Islam



Correct. Until they have gained permanent legal status they are visitors.


The cas as I understand it was simply overturned on the basis that the constitution specifically protects it and that the new law that was used to justify this separation by force specifically excluded people of her age.

That’s about as conservative as it gets, it has nothing to do with bowing to Islam.

You can read the decision in English here.

Using an online translation program.


Either way the same principle applies. They were legally married period.



I concur with the opinion of the OP article. Germany is bowing to Islam.


Couldn’t help noticing this in your article.

According to Heute the woman was also reported on suspicion of assault. It’s unclear how the case continues as she flew back to Switzerland on Wednesday.

Suspicion of assault?

Silly bastard deserved it.


They have definitely been shafted by Merkel et al
However there is a growing movement of brown-shirts (can’t remember how they describe themselves) who are starting to patrol the city streets in some cities with a particular emphasis on protecting their womenfolk.


They shouldn’t be called brown shirts.

The brown shirts weren’t protecting anyone, they were hoodlum enforcers finally elevated to semi-legal enforcers before being done away with … by other hoodlum enforcers elevated to legal status.

There were no Jewish rape gangs, there were no no-go zones around Jewish neighborhoods, orthodox Jews weren’t donning outfits that looked like police uniforms going around as some Kosher Patrol. I could go on but you get the idea.

Absolutely nothing attributable to Islamic migrants was being done by the Jewish community.

Whatever flaws and faults the current bunch may have, and they probably have them, they are in no way comparable to the brown shirts of old. It is, for one, insulting to the Jewish people who suffered under the real brown shirts to even in a round about way equate them to these Muslims.


I called them brown-shirts because they are German local vigilantes

The time to worry is when there is an accompanying rise in Nationalism

If they don yellow reflective jackets (gelb westen) I expect Macron will be shitting himself


“Nationalism” is not inherently bad.

All our founding fathers were compared to the globalists and UNweenies nationalists. Nationalism of that sort is both wholesome and good. Even Adam Smith’s free trade was for the benefit of the nation that applied his ideas, to build wealth, and not for the detriment of them by shipping out all means of production elsewhere.

Everything can be abused, it is true, but when speaking of national socialism it was the socialism and the neopagan race ideology that were bad. In fact it took all that neopagan racists crap to make fascists (which are bad enough already) to be as bad as Marxists have gotten without the help.


Nationalism is being decried in Europe.
The most recent and publicly heard trumpet is Macron, the elected President of France


Is that an appeal to an asserted unpopularity or to authority of an official?

If Europeans collectively did things well we’d have had two less world wars and almost all of socialism absent from world history.


Nationalism has been on the rise in Europe for about a decade, it’s what’s driving the Exits from the EU.

There’s nothing wrong with nationalism and never has been, what was wrong with Nationalism under Hitler was that it was driven with hate and the idea of racial superiority.