German Women Launch Campaign Highlighting Increased Violence Against Women As A Result of Mass Migration

Naturally they will be accused of being racist white supremacists using hate speech.

A group of German women have launched a campaign called #120db to lend a voice to women who have been physically or sexually attacked as a result of mass migration policies.

The group, which calls itself 120 Decibels after the sound intensity of rape alarms, launched a videothis week in which several members list the names of recent victims of violence committed by asylum seekers.

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I’ve been saying it for years. You open your borders to Muslims, you’re going to get nothing but trouble. Sweden has a massive rape epidemic and no-go zones where the police don’t dare to venture, London has the highest stabbings in the world.The only safe places to live in Europe now are the nations that gave the finger to the EU and will not let these so called ‘refugees’ in (like Poland and Hungary).

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Until Islam is allowed to be ridiculed and exposed for the barbaric ideology that it is nothing will change.

And look what happens when someone is courageous enough to do that . . . I have in mind Tommy Robinson

It was mostly the female demographic that achieved the mass immigration which we see today - with their ‘Refugees are welcome here’ banners. :roll_eyes: It’s ironic they’re the ones bellyaching about rapes etc now??

I’ve just read your post again (it was worth reading again) and what you say in the first sentence is spot-on - that wherever there are Muslims, there’s trouble. I mean who can deny it?

Germany’s women were the first to “welcome” the immigrants, they can be the first to suffer the repercussions.

They hate their own emasculated, feminized men so much that they brought in an aggressive patriarchy, all in the name of fighting patriarchy.

They made their bed. No sympathy.


About 2 years too late. As long as the powers that be are ok they couldn’t give a shit about attacks on women, unless it happened to them, of course.

At last some sane women. I will support them no matter what!

Yep - German Women have borne the brunt of Frau Merkel’s virtue signalling. Every single rape and murder was preventable given that if the immigrants weren’t accepted the crimes couldn’t have taken place.

We cannot do anything to prevent native criminals in that way but I think Merkel never gave a thought about the crime that would inevitably come…and the German women paid the price.

Even now it’s galling that politicians won’t admit mass migration has failed, diversity is NOT a strength either. The rise of populism didn’t come from nowhere, it’s a consequence of two decades of unprecedented mass migration at a rate never before seen. The migrants haven’t made the slightest attempt to assimilate and the government hasn’t insisted on it. It’s been that quick people haven’t been given a chance to adjust and see it as an attack on their culture and way of life. Rightly so in my opinion.

European people cannot keep accepting this and I see conflict in the future between east vs west. Migration is breaking down social cohesion and breeding a lot of resentment

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That is like saying all Americans want open borders and illegals to flood the country.

We’ve put up with it, frustrated for so long until the tide turned and someone with some leadership and backbone came along and was voted in to start making a difference.

And look what the democrat party has done at every turn to thwart the effort to fund building a wall, etc.

IMO, it is that the liberals have had their chance and people either gave them that chance or didn’t understand the horrible repercussions of the party of unicorns and rainbows.

In that, I can agree that they made their bed if complacent. However, the tide is turning on them so, I think people are waking up and taking ownership of their countries back.

One thing’s f’sure - it’s too late to do anything about it now. The next thing will be civil unrest and violence on the streets. We’ve sleepwalked straight into radical Islam’s agenda, and they’re all laughing their heads off at us that global Islam, far from being the difficulty they supposed it would be, is going to be a walk in the park. We have taken in so many ‘refugee’ children that today’s papers are anguising that they’re living in adapted shipping containers . . . and those ‘children’ are the next generation of jihadists. Hold that thought?

Nope - when the shit hits the fan they’ll take their Euros and run, probably to the west indie well away from the civil wars.