German recession ‘all but confirmed’ as factory output slumps

Uh-oh! Looks like I might have had a much longer lead-in time to take delivery of my new BMW . . . if I hadn’t cancelled the order now that I’m convinced we’ll be staying in the EU. When Germany sneezes, Europe catches a cold.

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Of course, sooner or later, it was to be expected that the insane trade surplus would never last for Germany. Not least due to the mispriced currencies and the resulting cash flows in return. But nobody ever wanted to hear that.

Let’s not forget about EU austerity rules…which essentially mandates recession.

Merkle takes her tin cup to Germany!

Right on Cue:

I’ve just put on Twitter - far from being our ‘most important trading market’, the Eurozone being on the brink of fiscal collapse means none of them will be able to afford to trade,THEN where will our markets be? As I’ve said before when paraphrasing the ‘When the US catches a cold the whole world catches it,’ exactly the same applies to Germany catching a cold, then the other 26 members will catch it? And
if we don’t get out fast we’ll fucking catch it too???

I sure do hope so for your sake! BREXIT can’t happen soon enough as Germany and especially France can’t decouple from China which is slowing down considerably!

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