German Farmers Are Revolting Against EU Environmental Regulations

This caught my attention due to the fact that other countries such as the Netherlands, have been protesting the EU’s version of the Green New Deal and now Germany is getting in on the act to rebuke Globalism. In Hamburg 4000 tractors showed up to show their solidarity against the Governments heavy handed tactics within layers of bureaucratic insular walls to shield themselves from facing their constituents! Sound familiar? It remains to be seen where this is headed, but with the Yellow Vest movement reaching its one year anniversary in France, and Spain where protesters continue their fight, in Chile and in Hong Kong, the world is now in conflict for various reasons standing up to the common enemies of the Globalist elite with Germany being the latest to join the movement!

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They’ve got Germanic fighting spirit.

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If the farmers disrupt food distribution operations the grocery stores in Germany will be like those in the USSR. Of course, the elites won’t notice or even care.

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Proof that the Green New Deal is actually a massive globalist power grab wrapped in the hoax of climate change outrage politics.

Yep, German farmers are suing their government for NOT doing enough about climate change…

“For the first time, the German government is being taken to court for failing to protect the climate. Ahead of the hearing, DW spoke to one of the plaintiffs in the case, organic farmer Silke Backsen.”

The left would prefer to live in some imaginary utopian reality rather than the gritty dirty ordinary (and necessary) reality of the real world.