German Air Force in Japan?

So, Germany and Japan have a common enemy?
When and where did we hear that before?

Is goose stepping in our future . :rofl:

Germany will be reduced to “green” agricultural land with its industries destroyed, especially after the destruction of cheap energy supply from Russia.

Why does Germany need air force?

Depending on what you believe or don’t: Germany will be an integral part of world war 3. I’m not about to go into this on here. You can look into it on your own. Revelation speaks on it.

Revelation does not mention Germany.

The Old Testament, on the other hand, mentions Gog and Magog.

With the help from Daniel Patrick, I could figure out what “Gog and Magog” means.

Gog and Magog = Khazars = Gok-Turks from Mongolia

Mongolia here refers to the homeland of Khazars as well as their racial origin. (Mongolian race)

The war of Gog and Magog is currently fought in Ukraine.

The allies of Gog and Magog = Satanic Ukraine, NATO and US, totally controlled by the Khazars


True Israel and true Christians = Palestinians and Russia