Georgia House reaches sanity!

Georgia House passes bill requiring police to help arrest immigrants after student’s killing

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia House Republicans are backing a bill that would require every eligible police and sheriff’s department to help identify undocumented immigrants, arrest them and detain them for deportation.
Unfortunately parts of the bill are already part of state law, but those requirements are totally ignored by most law enforcement agencies.

The House voted 97-74 on Thursday for House Bill 1105 after police accused a Venezuelan man of beating a nursing student to death on the University of Georgia campus. The measure moves to the state Senate for more debate. WTF NEEDS DEBATE ???
This law to be adopted by any sane state soon

Dummycrats warned the bill would cause people to be detained for long periods, would separate parents born elsewhere from U.S.-born children and spark distrust of police in immigrant communities. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THEM ?

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Creating Johnny Cash hits?

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Fulton county prison blues

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That’s some great architecture! love the stonework. Think of all the loving craftsmanship that went into breaking all that rock. We need more and bigger, -we’ve got lots of people who need to be kept busy.

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Unfortunately the dummycrats have a much different plan , get everyone on some type of government program and keep them highly dependent similar to what they did to their slaves it make control a breese !


That is from the LBJ Great Society plan, a policy that all but destroyed conservative black culture in America in todays lineage.


LBJ had a hand in the JFK assassination, or at least he knew about the plan but didn’t do anything about it.

LBJ was very interested in Jacqueline, and that’s why she promptly married a very rich Greek shipping tycoon in order to get away from LBJ. (According to Pastor Texe Marrs, LBJ was a crypto-Joo, and that explains why he never investigated the Israeli attack on Liberty).

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Jackie had a great bumper!
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The reason I can say this is because I think this pic is fake!

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Lincoln did the same. Coincidence?

Kennedy was clearly frustrated with the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
a quote from President Kennedy recently about his desire to “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”
The CIA and the mob had several agreements and BOTH wanted JFK GONE !!!

What is a crypto-Joo?

A Jooish person who hides his Jooish identity (while pretending to be a Christian or Muslim as the case may be).

Here is a glaring example.

Joos who pretended to be Christians in Spain during the Inquisition were called marranos (meaning pigs?) but they were acting in self-defense. Many such Joos escaped to Turkey and former Yugoslavia, taking the Spanish language with them. (This Judeo-Spanish is referred to as Ladino)

But in western Europe and North America, the situation is different. Many Joos hide their identity for convenience, like the Bushes and Clintons. I think Obama’s mother is a Jooess which automatically makes him a Joo. The Bidens, LJB, FDR, etc.

In Germany noted crypto-Joos are Karl Marx and Helmut Kohl.

In Turkey it was Kamal Pasha, or Atatürk who initiated the Armenian genocide in eastern Turkey.

In Russia, all Bolsheviks including Lenin, Stalin and other culprits of Christian genocide as well as very corrupt Boris Yeltsin were crypto-Joos.

The mob has been speculated as having a hand that for a long time, but I doubt it. The mob got JFK over the finish line with Chicago, thus Illinois, so that gave them the ear of the Pres. That doesn’t mean he was in their pocket, but having a gimmie in your pocket is worth putting up with lots of non-cooperation and public bad-mouthing to retain that hole card. Kill 'em and you got nothing. Johnson had a lock on a couple terms as VP followed by a couple more at the top, so getting the top early by devious means wouldn’t be worth the candle, either. Conspiracies are easy to dream up and they get a life of their own with repeating by suspicious minds, but are pretty easy to pick apart.

Blue Ribbon Committees glorify the members instead of the members exercising superlative expertise to gain extra effectiveness. They hold closed hearings in which people who don’t know anything are called to testify and closed-mouthed insiders try to keep a straight face when asked what was learned, and find it easy to reveal nothing, because nothing was learned. Every witness shows up with a small army of lawyers, mostly to make it seem like they possess a key piece of the puzzle.

The Warren Commission was such a creature. It convinced no one.

I can’t speak to why someone would want to hide being Jewish. I don’t know enough about the era to even think about it. I was a raised Catholic all my youth, but I abandoned the church as soon as I got big enough to exercise my own choices. I put Catholicism and creamed carrots out of my life with no apologies, and only began look upon faith more positively recently because I see young people with no boundaries and no moral guidelines. They rely on others t guide them. They are like so-called political Independents: people with no fixed idea of what is good and what is bad, and so can be led down a primrose path because they don’t routinely judge things. Religious people judge things more or less continuously, and more or less unconsciously, as part of keeping to a righteous path. It’s NOT that they are so pure as it is they are aware of how much in society is not good for society or for themselves. I’m probably typical. I drink modestly, I know quite a few AA members who are nice people and feel sorry for anyone who falls into such bad situations. I am careful not to join them. I smoked in my youth and was lucky enough to marry a woman who pressed me to quit. I know lots of marijuana users and I have a very dim view of that as a gateway to much worse.

Naturally, that kind of daily judging everything extends to politics, et al. It’s an artifact of my religious youth, and for which I now thank the Nuns & Priests for instilling in my mind. My own opinion of what it gives me is a mental measuring stick that I carry around with me to take the measure of what I run into and characterize it all. Those raised without this Catholic (or insert your own formal system) hard definitions against which to gauge everything can be easily fooled by people seem to have good reasons for doing this or that. Like for instance the American college children who have become supporters of Hamas. They are supporting murderers. The children don’t have a moral limit on what a group can do to “make things right”. If murdering 1,300 civilians in the middle of the night is not enough to “make things right”, what’s next? I don’t have all the answers, but I do have limits on what you can do to “make things right”, and murdering women and children is outside those bounds. That’s an example of the moral fences that people like me carry around with us that those untrained in religious thought lack.

Another example would be me getting out of the Army in 1963 after returning from Vietnam and watching others my age burning universities, smoking dope, espousing free love and otherwise conducting themselves differently than me in every way. I was astounded with their lack of moral self-restraint.

You can see that I fall on both sides of Occam’s Razor. Maybe I should emphasize the “fall” part because it’s not a chosen position, I just see both sides. I live in an age of people who pride themselves on not being judgmental. As though that’s a positive. In reality, it’s the fall-back position of someone who doesn’t know right from wrong.

As some people say, a recovering Catholic.

Au contraire, Zionism and Judaism are murderous beliefs. When Joos come to power, there are always wars and genocides. Have you read the Book of Esther? It was a crypto-Joo FDR who wanted to jump into the war in Europe by using Pearl Harbor as an excuse, and test nuke bombs on “live” cities. Although it was Truman (despite his Jooish sounding name, he was a devout Mason, not a Joo. With a caveat that Joos and Masons are inseperable) who did a mass murder of Germans after the war ended, in the tradition of Dresden and fire-bombing of Tokyo each of which killed 100,000 civilians.

Most of them were killed by Israeli fire.

I lost faith in organized religions and decided to train in shamanism under the tutelage of a Native American medicine woman in Michigan.

Shamanism is humanity’s past and future. Time to get back to the basics. (Needless to say, there are good shamans and bad, dark shamans, called witches or sorcerors.)

Now, don’t you regret that specious statement? Pearl Harbor was the archetype successful sneak attack that insures full tilt boogie war will follow. 9-11 had the same causality rate and boom, retaliation resulted. Excuse? :thinking:

Pearl Harbor was a scheme hatched by FDR and Churchill. FDR knew the Japanese moves. That’s why he forbade Admiral Kimmel to fly reconnosaince flight who felt there was something fishy.

Needless to say, the Japanese Imperial Navy was staffed by a bunch of Japanese Masons whose allegence was to the brothers overseas rather than to the emperor — who also was a Mason, nominally.

I would have thought that Kimmel would have spoken out at his Court Marshal in his own favor, that he was following orders of the Pres. Your theory has a few holes in it.

The Emperor was a Mason? Isn’t that a stretch? You sure he wasn’t a crypto-Joo? Now that’s believeable…