George Soros Demands Fox News Ban Joe DiGenova

Soros and the Clintons are alike . They are at the head of their octopus like organizations and through the ma ny tenacles they can’t be charged with crimes they don’t actually commit.
They always have their" Hitmen" doing the dirty work and hve distanced themselves from the tenacles.
We’ve seen this pattern from the start with the Clintons .

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Well first of all, it’s ludicrous to think that fat ass in the White House is a champion of anything but cholesterol.

But more importantly, 4 decades of US/Western interference, regime change, nation building in the ME, has only created opportunities for Islamic extremists to exploit.

Otherwise, you needn’t fear them.

In the John Travolta film, Primary Colors, he plays a Bill Clintonesque character and his devoted campaign hitman was a woman, played by Kathy Bates.

You should cheer his getting us out of the Middle East.

If he is deposed, his replacement will get us back into the sand box and then you can REALLY love the US taxpayers raising hell with your friends in the dar al Islam.

What could he have done?

Please be specific.

Screw Soros, I hope they tell him to go straight to hell on a lard greased slide.

What exactly is it you think he could do about Soros? Be specific please.

I would if he was. Where has he gotten us out of? :man_shrugging:

Syria, step one…

Tulsi Gabbard wouldn’t. :man_shrugging:

Btw, we’re still in Syria.

In fact, take a look at the map showing where the US is militarily engaged. I bet there’s places you had no idea our troops are fighting the so called ‘war on terror’…

Which of course has nothing to do with this thread!

Is that on topic???

You don’t seem to get it, or you get it but keep pushing and probing for areas of our ignorance to exploit.

First, Tulsi is soft on Communism. Communism is bad. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Bernie is a bad choice. I.e. Tulsi is a bad choice.

Tulsi Gabbard, Rising Democratic Star, Endorses Bernie … › politics › first-draft › 2016/02/28 › tulsi-gabba…

Feb 28, 2016 - Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii resigned as a vice chairwoman of … Tulsi Gabbard , Rising Democratic Star, Endorses Bernie Sanders .

The war on terror is fought in many places, by many types of people and in many ways. Few should surprise us.

Avoiding Middle East entanglements is the goal.

The President has made it clear that he is not going to look at a Middle East war (as in the Iraq War: 2003 - ?? ) as a viable option.

But in the real world, there are nuances made necessary by reality which can necessitate blurring the edges of an armchair observer’s black and white perception.

There’s no surprise that red hatters disapprove of all democratic candidates…:man_shrugging:

Show me a 2020 Democrat who isn’t a crook, a Socialist, a Communist or tolerant of the aforementioned.

We have one avowed DEMOCRATIC socialist and no, zero communists.

AOC, Talib, Sanders, Omar, Pressley, Liu, Spartacus Booker, Warren, Buttplug, Cenk, Feinstein, Harris, are all self avowed Socialist Commiecrats. You might try practicing intellectual honesty for once in your life, there is a matter of public record to confirm the latter mentions as being true!

Please come back and give us the crime he should be arrested for. :man_shrugging:

But Trump’s in charge of the DOJ now and he’s got Barr.

So was it any different when he had the racist Eric Holder as his AG? You are desperately reaching here!