General election: Farage restates call for Brexit party pact with Tories

Bad idea, Nige - coalitions never work - at least not for very long, as witness Pumped-up Dave and Cleggy, and how that all went pear-shaped. In this case Bozza and Nige will want to be prime minister, then the shit’ll hit the fan again. I’m surprised Nige even thought of it, seeing as the Brexit Party is headed for a landslide victory.

What we are witnessing is the collapse of Democracy.

The people voted for BREXIT and the losers do whatever they can to remain. Unfortunately, many of those in Parliament are in the REMAIN camp and have absolutely no rational evidence whatsoever why Britain is better in the EU than out.

Boris should take Nigel’s offer, for the good of the country.


Brexit Party should field candidates where-ever there is:

  1. No Eurosceptic present (that includes Conservative constituencies if the running MP is a known Remainer)
  2. Good odds of the Brexit Party winning

There are 400 Leave constituencies, and realistically Brexit Party should at least run in Remain constituencies (of which there are 200), regardless of their odds of winning in those areas. Remainers have been flipping sides.

Of the 400 Leave constituencies, some aren’t in Conservative held areas (EG Labour), and the ones that are, not all have a pro-Leave MP.

Finally, in the ones with pro-Leave MPs, Brexit Party should direct voters to vote for the ones with best odds of winning (whether that be Brexit Party or Tory).

Alternatively, in Remain constituencies, if Brexit Party are opting for the ‘lesser evils’ approach, they should direct the Brexit Party voters in those regions to vote for the most fractured (Labour) or least extreme (Independents) candidates.

I’m not aware what level of resources Brexit Party has to field in the General Election. If they only have 40 MPs to field (preplanning failure) then they should only target key areas they are definitely going to win, and give voters voting advice on how they should vote in all other regions (including Northern Ireland).


If forced into an election I thought Boris said he was going to campaign for clean break exit? Wtf. I would rather have a hot war than his shitty-arse deal. Infuriating.

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Spot on - it’s ‘goodbye democracy. hello oligarchy!’

‘Boris should take Nigel’s offer, for the good of the country.’

But as we now know, he didn’t, and I repeat what I said earlier in this thread, ‘Big mistake!’, because it would have not only ensured the demise of Labour and the LibDem parties, but also his continuation as PM, and the fast-evaporating credibility of the Tory party itself. I supported him at first, but gradually came to realise how shallow and scheming he really is: I concluded that when he started ‘doing a Cameron’ during visits to NHS hospitals - bursting into shot all pro-active, rubbing alco-gel into his hands (as if preparing to carry out an operation? :roll_eyes: ), shirt-sleeves rolled up, and tie tucked into the shirt. I’m surprised he didn’t have a stethoscope around his neck. :rofl: It was nauseating gesture politicking at its worst, and shameless general electioneering, and if he had any nous at all, he’d know it wouldn’t fool anyone but the lowest-IQ demographic of the electorate.

I’m not a Brit but it looks like any hopes that Nigel would run are gone.

He’s preparing himself for bigger things than a common-or-garden MP, he’s preparing himself to be prime minister. The Tories and Labour are despised, and have proved themselves unfit to govern, the LibDems are a joke, so that only leaves the Brexit Party? And let’s face it - how could Farage possibly be any worse than every other PM in recent memory?