Gender neutral child raising

I don’t think she has anything to worry about. Those boys will learn to be girls without much help.

I like its father’s hat. Maybe get rid of the ribbons but it would be good keeping the sun off your face. Needs a chin strap for windy days. Maybe OD canvas would work better. But … yeah… cool hat.

The flag is great… pink, blue, and white. Pink for the feminine, blue for the masculine, white for the color of the sheet the morgue places on you when you commit suicide from being so fucked up in the head.

So this is a child abus… eerrr i meant, diversity thread?


This is truly sad.
and when the kid grows into a young adult where the risk of suicide is high, who are they going to blame?

Drumpfty, of course

Also, a relevant tidbit below. Ignore the title. This is what most average “transkids” conversation will churn out

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oh Im sure Trump will get blamed somehow.

This is the age where parents use their kids (biological or adopted) as virtue-signaling box.


You uploaded the wrong pic.

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Joe Rogan: lays out a logical, well-articulated, scientifically accurate statement regarding transgender people

Adam: *…i DiSaGrE."

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